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Somehow at dawn, the rain stopped. And we managed to get in the compartment and started sleeping. 2-3 hours later, I felt that arid sunlight is coming through the window, and it was so warm. Fed up with cold rain of last night, I opened up my eyelid and looked at outside for 10 seconds. It was Cote d'Azur. Boats, yachts, and blue mediterranean sea was in front of me, and the train was driving alonside the coast. So peaceful and beautiful on sunny Saturday. The train was running thourgh Canne, and finally stopped at Nice. We had 6 hours to play in this beautiful town of France.

After putting our backpacks in the coinlocker, we directly ran to the beach. There were palm trees, and people were strolling with their dogs very slowly. People were all relaxed, and we actually didn't want to go back to the station at all. If we had no schedule left, perhaps we might have stayed in Nice and sacrificed some of our schedules in Paris probably, but we had to keep our promise for my aunt. Should be in Gare d'Lyon by 8 30 pm on that day. The beach had a spell-binding view, and the sea was the mixture of emerald green and prussian blue. Parachuting over the sea looked very much fun, but we didn't dare to try unfortunately. We had really nice lunch, fresh baguette sandwich, oranges and good quality cheese. Still up to now, Nice and Canne are the places I would like to visit again with plenty of time. Those six hours went so fast. We walked around the town more, and it became hot. It was already time to go back to the station and we chose TGV. Except one Romanian guy was kicked out in the train because he had no proper document and ticket, the rest of time was qutie peaceful, and we fell asleep soon. It was very quiet, and we only sometimes could see the terrain of France- low, mild and green, here people call "doux".

 I remember it was about 6 hours, and finally arrived at Gare d'Lyon. The station was huge, with lots of lanes,  and so gross. It took a bit of time to find public phone, but finally we managed to call my aunt and found her flat in quite short time. Fortunately, after we left London, this city of Paris is now more comfortable than ever, as now I came to the area that I can understand newspapers, marks, and more. I don't have to guess or use body languages. It has been eight years I have seen her last time, and two nephews were there too. Now her place is our castle for the rest of our trip, and we went to a vietnamese restaurant called Saigon. The chef knew my aunt very well, so dishes were absolutely amazing. We unpacked our stuff and laid ourselves in the bed. Funny enough, there were a lot of twinkling stars on the top wall, so I had a really good sleep having a dream that stars are around me. It was another home after 48 hour of non-stop travelling.

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photo by: Niki-Travelfan