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 It was the last day of Rome. Girls were still sleeping and we told only one of the girls that we are heading for Florence. From now on, there are only two guys. No more additional backpacks, no more waiting to get on the train. With less number of people, everything got quicker. It was 7 30 in the morning, and we headed to Termini station. We were fed up with heat. For a couple of days, we have been talking about how we go to North, not south. Naples was out of question for us, as going south beyond Rome meant almost crazy for us. Besides, my aunt was waiting for me to arrive at Gare d'Lyon in Paris, and we had no time to lose. The appointment with my aunt could be responsible for the rest of our trip in France, so we can't actually wander around here and there. We only agreed that we go to North, but where to was not clear. Until we go to Paris, we had two days. Either we could go to Switzerland back, or we could visit Florence and Pisa. Rather than mountains, we decided to feel Renaissance more in Florence.

 Once it is Florence, the sightseeing places were already set. Uffizi museum to see the masterpiece of Boticelli. The statue of David, Ponte Vecchio to feel Dante Aligeri, and river Arno just beneath the bridge. However, one thing we never expected to be so amazing was the Duomo. Santa Maria del Fiore was showing us absolutely amazing skyview after walking up 463 stairs to the top, and some of the stairs really didn't have "guard fence" so you can actually fall off to the ground. But when you reach the top and look around the view, that is one of the most beautiful scenery you can see in Tuscany. Florence is not a modern city at all, and it doensn't have to be. If anyone says we need 500 year old city still, Florence could be the No.1 place to serve that purpose. Cold air hits you on the top, and you can breathe while the ground is still hot.

 We had lunch at station to have Milanese sandwich, pretty well made, but a bit dry. If you have only one day to look around this beautiful Renaissance town, you still can as this city is not as big as Rome. In the evening, we took the train to Pisa. We were supposed to arrive at Pisa at 2 :30 a.m. and still we went to the tower of Pisa. Funny enough, we still have that picture at 3 am, and the tower stood there as it were. Interetingly, people come to the tower of Pisa even that time. The other part of Pisa is pitch-dark, and we never attempted to look around, as we had only two and a half hours there. The rest of train schedule was Pisa-Nice-Paris.

 We got on the train but unfortunately we had no seats to sit down. People were at the corridor, mostly young guys and girls. How train can run without seats and they sold tickets? It is still a big mystery for me but we had no choice but to get on the train anyway. People were totally packed, and that was the first night I tried to sleep in the corridor, not compartment. To make it worse, it was raining and thunderstorm while we cross the border between Italy and France. The rain was so cold and thurder was so loud, we couldn't get sleep enough. All of a sudden, we felt asleep because of our fatigue, and everything was so calm. Now we crossed border, and finally now we are in France. The last part of our journey.


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photo by: spocklogic