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 It was another hot summer morning in Seoul. But it was never the same as before. The rainy season in Seoul was already over two weeks ago, and I did not have rainy season in 1997. I had a very short jet-lag and was calling up my friends. My aunts called me from Paris, my uncles, nephews, grandmothers, they were all excited to hear what I have seen and heard. Lots of presents and dinners were waiting in a row. Still a month left to attend the last semester in my undergrad course. Changed mind to go different direction, everything becomes new and refreshing. Perhaps this is because people want to travel once in a while and become itchy when time comes?

Oddly enough, I did not travel much up to that point, but it was a certainly exciting experience. We've met the girls travelled together. Some of them they think they want to go again. Some of them they say they never go to Europe. What about us? Seong-duk was thinking to go to grad school, and finally he did. I was thinking of going to grad school than becoming a medical doctor, and eventually I went to grad school to major immunology. We spent two hears more together later on.  

 One said that travel is "trouble", and the word travel came from trouble. Not sure it is true, but certainly it has some part of trouble. But trouble is fun when you can deal with it, is it not? The best lesson from this travel is to feel the difference and see the difference. Everything becomes very tangible, and anyways those far countires are not so far, and after all, the globe is very small. On the first day morning I arrived, I slowly started reading my journal which I wrote for a month. It had all the excitement, worries, anger, sadness (the least part of course), joy and what I have learned. All the souvenirs I brought home became the past, and perhaps became a small history. Perhaps it is nothing. You can say it is just one thing you can do when you have time. It is true. But when you put meaning on what you did, it becomes more real and long-lasting. Just after I came back, I started uploading some of my travel experiences in Korean, and it was nominated and published in a travel guide book. Unfortunately, I had only one book from that issue, which I could not bring here.

 It was kind of fortunate that I had seen America three years after I saw Europe, as those images of Europe were coined as the first mark of western world. Like everybody knows, America was established by people from western world, and it was much more helpful for me to understand the root first. Although America boast their appearance, the resources, the core, and the root is from many countries of the continent across the Atlantic. It is an undeniable historical fact. However, I could learn later on America has its own features naturally, which I would like to write on in the future while comparing with those of Europe when time arrives.

 It is fortunate that I found travbuddy website and started writing down before all my memories becoming dim. Like the ceiling of Sistine chapel, the best masterpiece undergoes a worn-out as time goes by, and my memories merely even nothing compared to that. However, the feelings, images are still amazingly vivid, and colors, smells, and thing I touched still remain as strong feelings. It is more than just luck that I could start second phase of travel with more pictures from last year, started from Barcelona, Spain. This year it would be Amsterdam, Rome and Amalfi.  Thanks to my beloved Leica digital camera, hoping that I can bring lots of beautiful images on and on for coming future.

 Still every single souvenir and sentence I wrote down in the journal while I was travelling take me to the time I went to Europe. Still feeling the excitement of Chinese people, the sunlight of Italy, the beauty of Jungfraujoch, and the singing below Eiffel tower, and my young nephews running in the jardin de Tuilerie and the sundown at Bateau Monsieur. How long this memory will last? I bet on "Forever".


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