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That's right. We finally started travelling Amsterdam, the most liberal city of Europe. Don't have to say hashishi and redlight district have been legal, Amsterdam came to me as an historic place of European culture. Dutch language itself was born around 10-11th century, and I would say Dutch language is composed of 30% English, 30% German and 40% Dutch origin. It sounds like German sometimes, but much harder pronunciation and close proximity to English often. As a starter, Dutch is known as the four big mechants in the world, and the glorious 17th century was all well incarnated in the old features of Amsterdam. The biggest advantage of Dutch trade was supported by its huge ship industry, and the major source of materials to make ships were from Sweden and Norway. One says the reason which Dutch trade went off was the shortage of these trees as they have used too much while not planting enough trees ! (Believe it or not). Amsterdam has lots of bicycles, flowers, and people. Also it had a good tram system at 1997 which you can go around the city not being in the basement level. Although the current size of the Netherlands are quite small and the population is only 16 million, it is particularly interesting that they had many colonies throughout the world. Perhaps the biggest one was Indonesia (Dutch west indies) and Surinam of South America. Also the trade made the country so wealthy at one time point, so the glory has been there obviously. Not sure about how much liberal about gender stuff, but sex museum was one of the spot you may want to look around if interested ever. Curious enough as a foreigner, but rather the museum was funny enough to laugh, really. Nothing much intimidating.

You can also go to cheese market, but we haven't tried, but instead we tried flowers. The only thing bothered us was that muggy weather of the day, while the Amsterdam itself had such a nice environment. In the morning, we headed for Rijksmuseum (royal dutch museum) to see the glory. There we saw van Gogh, and many more invaluable sculptures and paintings. Just in front of the museum there was a performer who moves only when someone gives him money, and I got scared enough when my friend give him 1 guilder and he started dancing in front of us right away. Just next to him, there was a band and they were performing classical music just below the arch of Rijksmuseum. The sound was reflected by the arch, and you can feel the excitement of Dutch people who entered there with pride and joy having lots of goods and money. The doors of Amsterdam are exteremely narrow, and there is a saying that if you are rich, you can have bigger windows or doors. At the center of the city, you will see Madame Tousseau, and one big church and plaza are in front of you with many pigeons. If you have so much time left, perhaps you may want to count them one by one and give them something to eat. In the afternoon, it started drizzling, and we were a bit soaked but just after that Sun came out. Compared to London, Amsterdam was warmer but more muggy for two days. After a constructive debate, we decided to look around central part of Amsterdam, and we had another bottles of Heineken beers. We only had a pint of Guiness while already we had too much Heinekens so we might have hangover? No. that was not case because we walked so much, and Heinekens were no more than sleeping pills.
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photo by: pearcetoyou