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Just before starting travel of the day in London

 It was the first day of July. I felt so cold in the morning. I realized that not only we went through cultural changes, but also had changes in the climate. Not suprising but it was only 12C-15C in the morning. At home it would be at least 18-21C in July. We needed another blanket, but we woke up around 6 30 am. Now I have time to look around the room closer in detail. It had rosy-cozy wall papers (typical british) and the bed was prettey sturdy and classical, and shower room was just like 1960s, not modern but very clean. We went out right away, and instantly took 4-5 pictures and I still have those pictures. Also made calls to home, telling to parents that I am alive in the other side of planet and started travelling. Back to the hotel, we had nice breakfast which had really good coffee (Aaahhhh, I can't forget the strong coffee bean smell) and raisin bread as well as so sophisticated blueberry jam and buttery butter. Sober enough, we went out and took the tube, and then finally arrived in St.James Park. As you might know, this park is just cute. And across it, there was THE place of the day. Buckingham palace. Since I was eight year old boy, I have been wondering how it is like to watch this guard ceremony in the morning, and now the day has come. Waiting for the guards, far from our location, the marching music was heard louder and louder. Of all moments of my travel up to now, I am pretty sure that I have never been thrilled to that moment. You can hear them marching, and you really see those guards. It takes about 30 min to finish, but that was the moment of first day. Classic chivarly helmets, jackets, and all ceremonies I have been thinking was now in real.

Leaving behind those excitements, we went to Buckingham palace shop, which is in the basement level. Here so many figuries of british soldiers from 18th to 20th century are being sold. As a fanatic collector of figurines, this was one of the most joyful time but I was on the budget traveling. What a pity! Still I kept two figurines and they followed me up to now, not getting lost for a long time. We went along through Big Ben, St.Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge, Trafalgar square, and more. Every single picture became the history as all of them were the first time in my life. It was not clear day, but clear enough to walk along the city and river Themes. We were still wondering where we want to go for next day, and finally we decided to go to Oxford instead of Cambridge. Later it turned out to be an excellent decision as London Paddington station was not running to Cambridge because of flooding on that day. Guess what we have seen in the newspaper in London. That's right. England was a bit gloomy about returning Hong Kong to China, and they are feeling a sunset of empire. In that, we were lucky, as we had opportunity to observe in our own eyes for China and England for the same matter. Instead, British were cheering themselves with a Wimbledon tennis player Henson, the only British who made it to semi-final in that year.

We went through the central London all day long, and also stopped by to see about our crossing Dover trait through Ramsgate to land in mainland Europe in Victoria station. We were thinking Eurostar but also the ship from Ramsgate to Oostende was an attractive option because we never tried this. We planned to go to SOHO but we could not, instead we made it to the British Museum. It was a really huge museum which I should visit one time again. We had a hotdog just outside of museum after we saw some interesting things for us. For me, those old books and coins were the jewels I found, but I knew that was only a tiny fraction of all collections they have. Alas, time was running out and we should leave the place. Now it reminds me that I have to visit this wonderful museum once again in my life perhaps 2-3 days in a row to see more in detail. We were at Knightsbridge but we did not do much. Jetlag was draggin us.

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Just before starting travel of the…
Just before starting travel of th…
photo by: ulysses