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 After a crazy morning in Paris, we arrived at Helsinki airport. It took only two hours.  Somehow now we were very relieved, and at the same time a bit sad because our journey is now coming to an end. Helsinki was the starting point where we call it as "Europe". Somehow I sat down in the chair and was looking at outside. All of a sudden I realized that I was sitting in the same chair which I sat down while I was waiting for the connecting flight to London Heathrow. I turned around, and the desk was at the same place, and the same receptionist from Finnair was trying to explain about connecting flight to Vietnamese couple in French. One actually cannot tell which day it was as it was exactly the same look.

 This was probably one of the oddest feeling I had during the entire travel. And I realized that how much I have changed. Furthermore, I found that suddenly this change was irreversible. By then I could look back what I had in mind - being a medical doctor after graduation and take care of people who needs help- , and thought that this might change. or rather it certainly would change into something more different. I exactly did not know what it was, but I certainly knew that my view to look at world and what i should do would change because of this short time period in Helsinki.

 i was sitting there and looking around two hours more, and tried to figure out what is really happening. Yes, it was myself who changed, not the airport. Still you look at the same airport, same receptionist, and the same colleagues you were travelling with, but it was myself who changed and look at the world so differently than before. Suddenly I smiled, but not laughed, with the feeling that I became to know something. It was a feeling that what I want to know and what I wanted to do in my life. Fortunately, nobody recognized this. I was just smiling and lay myself deep into the seat in the plane heading for Osaka. Now it is time for rest.

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photo by: portia