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 Our journey has now come to the stage to set our feet on Asia again. The flight from helsinki to osaka was fully of japanese people. They sometimes talked to us with japanese assuming that we are like them. Of course, most koreans will take flight from helsinki to seoul directly, rather than go through osaka. it was about 9-10 hours of flight. we were all moved because finally we made it back. As a leader of this small team, i was also a bit relieved during the flight as just one more connecting flight will finish my job for a month. Sometimes I took them to embassy, I called for help, sometimes they had specific requests, but now all they are giggling in the plane expecting what they are going to tell to their friends and family. I was mostly reading and thinking. Somehow I postponed my excitement after I arrive at Seoul. Still I have never been in Japan, and I needed to prepare what comes up next.

 We were quite much impressed by Kansai airport. It would have taken 9 more years to visit Osaka, which i didn't know naturally at that time point. Compared to the old airport at Kimpo in Seoul, Kansai was even better than heathrow, charles de gaulle, or helsinki airport. It was very modern and spacious, with its artistic design. Now Seoul has its newest airport Incheon Int'l airport, and I can assure you that it is the most advanced airport in the world. But not at that time point. We could not go out of airport after we landed in Osaka, but I exchanged some money. I had some leftover Francs from france, readily exchanged them into yen, and then bought for lunch. for that large corridor, it was only nine of us who was waiting for the connecting flight for a while. we had five hours of connecting flight gap, so had enough time to manage all the luggages and find gates.

 Many of us were feeling tired, as they get close to home. So much of tension has gone now, and all of a sudden the gate has changed. But then, we could hear Korean. It is an odd feeling that after all you meet crews from your homeland and they introduce you to new gate and get on the plane. After we got on the plane, we chatted a bit about half an hour, and all went to silence. It took only hour and a half from Osaka to Seoul. For the final 5 min of flight, we can finally look at the land. It was home. I looked at my watch and it was close to 5 pm. Sun was very hot, and we knew that the rainy season is over. After the landing, we separated right away after saying good-bye. Seong-Duk's sister was waiting for us, and she dropped me just in front of my home. Walking 10 min, all the trees, wind, and the sunlight became real. Cars were running in the road, and boys were yelling in the street to catch up something. It was a peaceful day. My mother greeted me with joy. We went out for dinner and had so much of talk for the entire night. We came home and I looked up in the sky. It was crystal clear sky on that night, as was the same in Paris. I decided not to think about all things I had in mind on that night but had a really good sleep thinking about Mediterranean sea in Venice.

The last day of the journey was ended up in peace.

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25,170 km (15,640 miles) traveled
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photo by: yasuyo