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At lunch, my sister informed me that she and her boyfriend were heading to Missouri for the weekend to visit some friends.  And, she invited me along if I wanted to go.  I debated all afternoon as to whether or not I wanted to; I just couldn't decide.  Nathan, Emily's boyfriend, texted me at 4:30: "get packin, we leavin n an hour and a half".  Okay. I guess I'm going.  Problem was, I was still at work, and wouldn't be home for at least another 45 minutes.  On my way home, I made a mental packing list of things not to forget and threw my duffel bag together when I did get home.

I was in Kinmundy at 5:57, with 3 minutes to spare.  BUT -- Emily wasn't ready, and we didn't leave until 7 (which isn't a real big surprise).  We stopped for gas in Lebanon (Illinois).  At the MotoMart that has a Subway, for which I was grateful.  I was STARVING.  The lady did a darn good job making my salad, and I ate it while balancing it on my knees (I've had lots of practice at this). 

We didn't make any other stops until we got to the Days Inn in Lebanon, Missouri, our destination.  I had fallen asleep at some point.  I just couldn't keep my eyes open!  Emily had made reservations for her and Nathan; I didn't because it was such a last minute decision.  They did have a non-smoking room available, and they were able to give us rooms next to each other, only separated by a hallway.

I went to bed immediately, since I had to set the alarm for 20 after 6...

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