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It had been thirteen years since we'd been to the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, so my sister and I made a return trip, on our own.  (As kids, we didn't take family vacations; Dad wouldn't take the time off.  But, we would go to the Truck Show each year, more or less as a vacation).  I figured we needed to leave by about 6 AM in order to get over there and get everything accomplished I wanted to (I couldn't just go to the Truck Show.  I knew of a restaurant that we HAD to check out, plus the Hard Rock Cafe.  I knew going to the zoo, too, was out of the question, though).  Emily and her boyfriend Nathan finally showed up at ten til eight.

Bourbon Ball French Toast
.. putting us nearly two hours behind.  (I wasn't completely surprised.  Emily is notoriously late, which is a huge aggravation.  Normally, I would tell her an earlier time than necessary, but anything before 6 AM on a Saturday seemed too early, even to me).  Knowing we were losing an hour due to the time zone, I figured we would be pressed for time, but I let go and decided that we would enjoy the day and whatever we got to, so be it.

We arrived in Louisville about twenty after eleven, well, I guess twenty after noon.  I had seen Lynn's Paradise Cafe on the Travel Channel and Food Network, and since it's a breakfast oasis, we HAD to eat there.  Using the Garmin, we found the restaurant without any problems.  Forty-five minutes later, we claimed seats at the bar.

  I knew what I wanted -- French Toast (even though I debated on the crunchcakes) and on the Specials List was the Bourbon Ball French Toast that was featured in the Throwdown against Bobby Flay.  It was incredible -- cinnamon bread griddled with vanilla custard, chocolate syrup and fresh strawberries on top, served with whipped cream and pecans.  It was heaven on a plate.

Stuffed, we went on the the Truck Show at the Kentucky Convention Center.  Since it'd been years since we'd been (and Nathan never had) we got registered in the system and claimed our nametags (which must be worn at all times).  We wandered around the exhibits, looking at some really cool equipment and rigs.  I knew what Emily was looking for -- all the free pens that should be given away.

  (We would come home with bags and bags of free pens).  However, this time, I got two pens.  That's right: two. One, two.  Not two hundred.  I guess that's just a sign of the economy.  The highlight, though, was meeting Alex and George, two of the Ice Road Truckers.  They posed for pictures, signed autographs, and took time to chat briefly.  They are two really nice guys who certainly have some stories to tell.  We closed the place down, staying until the exhibitors were beginning to pack up.

Since it was early evening, and I am obsessed with Hard Rock Cafe's, I made them go so I could by my pin.  We stayed long enough to do that, but I did check out the outdoor Aerosmith display (my most favorite band EVER).

I had found a restaurant for dinner, an Irish place (Nathan is very proud of his Irish heritage), and a dessert place, but when we left the Hard Rock, we headed for home.  We were tired, and weren't quite hungry for a meal.  Hitting the road, Emily practically pushed the gas tank to the limit.  We stopped for gas in Southern Indiana, and I went in for a diet Mountain Dew, and found coconut M&Ms.  I'd seen them advertised and have been unable to find them anywhere, so I was thrilled. 

We got home about seven o'clock (since we gained that hour back coming home), earlier than I had expected.  But, we still got everything done.  That's how we know to do things, though.  Despite the distance, no need to make it an overnight trip. Three hours there and three hours back still allows for time to enjoy the day. 

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Bourbon Ball French Toast
Bourbon Ball French Toast
Lynns Paradise Cafe
Lynn's Paradise Cafe
Alex and George, two of the Ice Ro…
Alex and George, two of the Ice R…
yes, my sister wore a rub for luc…
yes, my sister wore a 'rub for lu…
the outdoor Aerosmith display
the outdoor Aerosmith display
Coconut m&ms!
Coconut m&m's!
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