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When i arrived in Tunisia i travelled by coach to a resort hub north of sousse. Here was a make shift town that had been built around the needs of tourists and teaming with extremly pushy merchants, pick pockets, and many europeans. All the locals wore european clothes and the place seemed very superficial. The first time i left the hotel i was approached by a drug dealer who was actually quite a gentleman. He offered me a ciggarette and asked me aboot where i was from then went on to ask if i smoke weed. I did not, but he offered morrocan hash at 100 dinar a gram (you need to haggle of course to bring it down) i said i was good and he then offered to sell me a woman. Again i refused and we parted ways.
      The irony of that encounter was it was pretty civil, because when i encountered the merchants in the medina i was physically pulled into shops and almost forced to buy their cheap trinkents. We you say no they hear yes and when you try to leave they block your exit. I bought a silver wristband at one shop but when he wrapped it he switched the silver bracelet for a cheap metal version. Basterd should be put up against a wall and shot. Anywho i never went back to the madina because i was tired of being man handled and i would recommend that nobody ever go there, ever! I was not the only one to be ripped off or assaulted either. Also my pocket was picked, twice.
      But on the plus side i went on an excursion into the countryside where the people were nicer and seemed to be less in sync with the western culture. I signed up to go quading into the country which turned oot to be really fun. Got to see alot of virgin land, olive trees, and cactuses. The only complaints were safety and instructions. I recieved 0 helmet and 0 instructions on how to operate the quad. Which for me was fine but for the couple who crashed and went to hospital was not. So i only recommend if you are experienced and have health insurance.
     Something a little safer and quite relaxing was the camel rides. I have ridden a horse before but i have to say camels are quite alot higher and more relaxing. There is a certain sway to the way they walk which i really enjoyed and of course you go to see the sites in tunisia. The camel rides i would say is a must and is good for everybody, just make sure you hold on when they stand up.
      The beaches are pretty beautiful, with some garbage and annoying merchants tainting them. The sand is beautiful and the sun is heavenly but there is alot of camel poop and sometimes merchants will come and try and sell you things. Dont be afraid to tell em to fuck off.
      Overall i enjoyed my time in tunisia as met many tourists from around the world and got a nice tan but i would not return. I prefer places where the culture has not been damaged western ideals and that are a little more aunthentic. I would recommend for families looking for a nice stay at a resort or couples. Not single travelers, the merchants focus on you if you are alone. 

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