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We head across the river to go to a little old town of Zemun it’s just a bit outside the central parts of Belgrade – but because of the geography of this region the two places are just so different. Belgrade is south of the rivers Danube and Sava while Zemun is to the north. And this spot is just where the old border between the Austrians and the ottomans used to be. Hence Belgrade to the south is built by the Ottomans while Zemun to the north is built by the Habsburgs. And only rarely do you see such big difference in style between two cities located so close to each other.

We leave the bus at the Hotel Yugoslavia which isn’t a hotel anymore but has been converted into a casino.

The hotel may have been the pride of Tito’s Yugoslavia – but today it is just plain ugly as it is laying there down close to the river back. We head down to the river searching for one of the many small coffees/restaurants down at the river. Dragana had recommend Cheops for its amazing crepes and it should be somewhere close to the Hotel Yugoslavia. Unfortunately we never find the place even though we look for a giant pyramid but there are plenty of other places to choose from so we just drop into another joint.

After a coffee we continue down along the riverbank where all the people of Belgrade seem to converge on a Saturday to go down and relax. The riverbank is crowded with lots of restaurants a bars. We continue along the spectacle until we get all the way to Zemun. Down in Zemun we walk away from the river into the small cobbled streets and up the hill till we reach the tower at the top.

From up at the top of the tower there is a splendid view of Zemun and all the way to the old town in Belgrade.

We look at a few of the church before heading back for the river to go and have dinner. We want to go to a restaurant called Saran which Dragana had said was the best place in Zemun. Fortunately we see a map somewhere in Zemun which has the restaurant upon it so we know where we need to go.

We manage to find sort of the right location and now we just need to spot the restaurant – there are a pretty big nice looking restaurant down at the river close by the spot we think we need to go. But according to the name in front it is a different place. Hence we start walking up and down the river for a bit in search of Saran. After a bit of random walking along the river we just give up and decide to go into this nice looking restaurant at the river. We get in and when we get the menu – there is a name on it. Saran. I guess none of us are really good at reading the Cyrillic letters. They serve some nice fish and we during dinner the light is disappearing and the lights come on the old town of Belgrade.

dardeb says:
xxx = Sava ;)
Glad you went to Zemun, and enjoyed it!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2012
KeikoCreative says:
picture of chocolate cake hehe:P
Posted on: Jun 06, 2012
gingerbatik says:
no pictures??
Posted on: Jun 05, 2012
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