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London Eye
This was both mine and Zofia's first ever meet up with anyone off of TB. I was unsure what to expect as I had never met anyone from a different country that I knew nothing about before. Anyway, After meeting at south Wimbledon station we headed up to Waterloo where we would begin our tour of London. I was going to be her tour guide in London for the day (a very bad one, it must be said). I soon began to realize that she had a love for most things french(especially Paris), the "british" accent(although her attempt of one was terrible :P) and Lion bars.
After chatting about her travels through france and her future travels on her euro trip, we made our first stop at the London eye.
Houses of Parliament
We did not ride on the eye but just took a few snaps and then crossed over westminster bridge to the houses of parliament and westminster abbey. We did not enter the abbey either as the admission fees for a lot of london sights are ridiculous. So we took some more photos and took in the sights before taking a stroll to buckingham palace whilst getting to know each other a bit more. I think Zofia was slightly disappointed by the palace. In fact, when we approached the palace she did not even realize we were there. She was talking about how the gates were like the ones in paris and when I pointed out that the big white building behind them gates was the palace, it was like "oh really". Although I have to admit I don't think the palace is that great either!
But it's just not Paris is it Zofia? ;)
Anyway, we took a walk up to hyde park at which point she had to sit down because her legs were tired.
WHAT???? we had only been walking for an hour. You Yanks just can't handle the pace. We then walked up to oxford street through the park itself. Then after taking a few photos in the park two french ladies offered to take a photo of us together. The photo was followed by a five minute conversation in french in which I spent the entire five minutes totally baffled as I speak very little french. Although Zofia seemed in her element! The funny thing was, earlier on in the morning she was going on about her tan she got while in the south of france. Then one of the ladies compared her tan with Zofia. It made Zofia look more like she had spent a week in Scotland rather than the South of France, hehe!
After this, we headed to oxford street and then onto Soho. While walking through Soho we came across a Sushi bar.
Buckingham Palace
I have never eaten sushi before and somehow she managed to persuade me to try some. Bad choice Will!!! After I picked out the crab sushi (another bad choice), Zofia picked out some sauces and mixed up some sort of concoction. Anyway after sitting there sniffing the sushi and heaving already, I dipped it in the sauce and I took a bite. and I spat it right back out. blrrrggghh!!!!!!! And all I got was abuse! not just from Zofia but from some old lady sitting behind who reminded me slightly of hyacinth bucket. They were ganging up on me and telling me If I wanted to be a sophisticated gentleman then I had to be more open minded. At this point I was thinking blah blah blah!!!! I just needed to rinse my mouth out. Then Zofia tried my other bit of crab sushi and her face went from this :) to this :( Haha!!! You got what you deserved :D
So after this we went off to piccadilly circus took a few snaps and then went to Trafalgar square where we visited the national art gallery.
I have not been since I was a child and after the first 20 minutes, we were both not impressed. But we stayed a little longer and gave it a chance. And the gallery got better. I have never been into art that much and it probably showed but some of the paintings were fantastic. Although I seemed more intrigued as to how these artists painted 20ft high paintings? Anyway after some seeing really cool paintings we had decided to get some lunch and then head to the churchill museum and cabinet war rooms.
The restaurant we went to was mental! The service was second to none though.... not. When we walked through the door we got told to wait here to be seated. Then we was in the waiters way and got pushed to the side. Then after waiting about five minutes or so we got sent to the basement! We got a table down here which was pretty much in the way of the waiters downstairs.
Then the waiters were arguing with each other in front of everyone. Then we waited nearly 10 minutes to get served and when we did get served they were great apart from they bang everything onto the table rather than placing it down. The weird thing is, I wouldn't have had it any other way as it was actually quite funny!
After lunch we headed to the Churchill Museum and cabinet war rooms at which we were hit by another hefty entrance fee. I found out that if you have a train ticket you can get 2 for 1 you just need to fill in a form. A form that you could only get in a train station. At this point I was feeling slightly tired. So off we trudged to Victoria at which point it started raining. It had held off most of the day but this is London, It has to rain at least once a day.
Zofia in the sushi bar!
Zofia was fine because she had an umbrella which she refused to share. Only kidding, I just didn't fancy walking the streets near where I Live carrying a pink umbrella :P
We went for coffee so we could dry off and we shared a lion bar. I just can't believe that they don't sell Lion bars in the states. What is wrong with you yanks?, lol. Anyway, after sorting out the forms we headed back to the churchill museum. This was actually Zofia's choice and it turned out be the highlight of the day. This place was fantastic. We all know what a great man Churchill was but this was a great insight into his life and the way churchill and his staff lived in the war. You learn about his childhood, his family, his career, his colleagues, his work ethic and his sense of humour.
All the things that made him such a great man! Anyway after spending a couple hours in the museum it was time to leave. I would definitely recommend a trip if you are visiting London!
We headed back to waterloo, where we had to get our separate trains home. I had a really fantastic day, and it was great to spend it with such a fun, intelligent girl like Zofia. I really hoped she liked London and hopefully it lived up to her expectations. I know she had more sights to see the next day!
I also need to visit London more as it really is a wonderful place.
tajana_luna says:
Hahaha...really funny blog, Will..I personally love Paris, but for some reason London has win my heart as well and those 2 cities can't be compared, each one has it's own charm and beauty, but very nice story :) And have you heard from Zofia afterwards? :)
Posted on: Mar 06, 2011
wilber85 says:
Yeah he was a funny bloke! love the poison coffee quote :)
Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
Peak_Trekker says:
Top bloke was Winston, im sure youve heard them before, but here are my favourite Churchill quotes..

Lady Astor to Churchill "Winston, if you were my husband I would flavour your coffee with poison"
Churchill: "Madam, if I were your husband, I should drink it"

Bessie Braddock to Churchill "Winston, your drunk!"
Churchill: "Bessie, you're ugly, and tomorrow morning at least I shall be sober"
Posted on: Jul 28, 2010
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London Eye
London Eye
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Zofia in the sushi bar!
Zofia in the sushi bar!
Trafalgar square
Trafalgar square
Just about to take a photo of Big …
Just about to take a photo of Big…
River Thames and the London eye
River Thames and the London eye
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