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Actually taken Summer 2009
The mountain which is just over 1500 feet is in the San Carlos area of San Diego and freeway close. The last time I hiked up this mountain just before my Thailand trip last fall. It was nice to make this trip today for I sure could use the exercise. Also having sharing this with TravBuddy readers added to the pleasure. Lake Murray sits below Cowles Mountain and you will find many people at both places. I live only minutes from both and walk Lake Murray most Sunday mornings with my sister.

When I come to Cowles Mountain I do like coming earlier in the morning because not as many people on the trail which when you come later it gets rather dusty and besides I like to come when things are quite to get that meditative aspect.
Easy part of the trail as you approach the two peaks
I normally won't bring my iPod because I want to stimulate my various senses with the sound of the birds, the vibrant colors of the wildflowers, the sensation of the breeze brushing against my skin, and the freshness of the air as it awakens my sense of smell.

You can go up and come straight down within one hour no more than two or you can wander along the many trails that continues throughout the park. If you do so it's best to go to the visitor center and get familiar with the area. It's not hard to find people willing to help out.

There are restrooms in the staging area and a coffee shop across the street. You will find parking (but don't park in the bike lane like many people do) or you can take bus #115 and walk a block north.

Today I notice lots of trash on the trail, more so than ever before. I am a bit surprised because most hikers and people who care about nature would not disrespect it. This gives me an idea to start taking a bag with me and picking up some of the trash when I make this hike.
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Actually taken Summer 2009
Actually taken Summer 2009
Easy part of the trail as you appr…
Easy part of the trail as you app…
No problem!
No problem!
When on top the trail does continue
When on top the trail does continue
Brilliant Wildflowers
Brilliant Wildflowers
Get to the public Bus line #115. G…
Get to the public Bus line #115. …
View of Cowles Mountain from the G…
View of Cowles Mountain from the …
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