Our working Vacation to Switzerland.

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Waiting at the gate in Amsterdam at Schiphol.

Sunday Morning 5am, wakeup call, time to go. Man that hurts so much getting up at just past midnight (for me atleast as I'm a late sleeper). I had to get ready for the work vacation, had to be at my company at 6am in the morning. Once I arrived there it turned out that I was the first to arrive on location, a few minutes before 6am. Shortly after my coleagues came aswell, except for one, he somewhat overslept. Taxi arrived at 6:05am, ready to go to Amsterdam, Schiphol. We waited some for the last crew member, at 6:16 or so he arrived, and we were good to go.

At 7:45 or so we arrived in Amsterdam. Ready to check in and get the trip going, we waited some after check in then we headed to the gate to catch our plane to Géneva, my gosh what a small plane compared to the last plane we took to Hungary last year.

Boarding time :D
Nevertheless this was actually my second time I traveled by plane, all other holidays either by car or by bus. Once in the plane things went very well, a little small as I'm rather tall I had some trouble placing my legs in a good position, but finally at 8:52 we took off to Géneva. Here we go, Switzerland here we come!

It was a rather short flight little over a hour so it went fast, but once we landed in Géneva the shit hitted the fan >_< our Rental car was paid for, but the person who paid for it wasn't at the spot, and we didn't bring any credit cards ourselves so we didn't get a car. After several calls and several conversation with the rental department we still didn't have a car and we didn't get it either in the end, so we had to travel to Fribourg by train.

The train trip was long almost 2 hours, longer then the entire flight to Géneva, first to Laussana, from there continuing to Fribourg. At last we arrived in Fribourg, there we took a bus to our hotel, and more shit hitted the fan, the payment didn't come through yet, another few phone calls and we finally arranged the Hotel. It was allready 14:30 in the afternoon, so our plans for some sightseeing kinda got messed up, nevertheless we decided to take a stroll through Fribourg, sadly every store was closed but heck what do you expect on Sundays? Only in the Netherlands we are crazy enough to open the stores on sundays. The stroll was pretty nice thou, to bad it started to rain pretty hard later on, so we quickly found a spot to eat some, a bar called Rex, but they didn't serve meals anymore only drinks >_< so we just grabbed ourselves a Swiss beer, that was pretty nice atleast, and later went to a Chinese restauramt to eat some. Finally late in the evening all worn off from the travel we went back to our hotel to take a shower and get some sleep, as the next morning it would be a very early day again.

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Waiting at the gate in Amsterdam a…
Waiting at the gate in Amsterdam …
Boarding time :D
Boarding time :D
photo by: maikel_phoenix