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We started the day with Qutub Minar which is the ruins of a very big mosque. The reason it is not being used anymore is because one part was struck by lightning. I thought this place was absolutely amazing and there was a lot of good pictures to take. While our guide was talking there were a few kids almost right next to us. They waved and some of us decided to take a picture which the kids really liked. Our tour guide told us that usually when you take pictures of someone they will ask for tips. These kids didn't, but we experienced that many times later in the trip.
The next on the program was Mogul Humayuns Mausoleum. It was a very pretty building, actually in the area there were a few different buildings and the first one we came to, we could climb a wall and stand on top and take a picture which was a lot of fun!
Our guide took us to a Sikh temple.
It was not in the itinerary, but he thought we'd like it. We had to cover the top of our heads and take off out shoes. The most interesting thing was the kitchen. Many people come to eat at their free "restaurant" every day, so they cook a lot. In the pictures you can see how many people are making nan bread and I think they have the biggest pot I have ever seen. There were a lot of kids in the kitchen and they loved having their picture taken (as many/most kids do) so we stayed there for a little while because the kids didn't want us to leave and they were so cute i just had to have one more picture, just one more.

Then we stopped for lunch. We ordered non-vegetarian Indian food and it was delicious! One of things I had really been looking forward to was to taste real Indian (non-vegetarian) food, and now we got the perfect meal! We drove past the India gate and the Parliament on the way back to the hotel.
Some people decided to stay at the hotel, but me and a few others wanted to go to a market. We went to a market called Sarojini market. It is a market where there's mostly local people go, not many tourists go there and that is why we decided to go there. We took a tuk tuk to the market and had time to shop for a short hour. I bought 10  pairs of ear rings for $3 so can't complain. We bargained, talked to people and had a great time, before we headed back to the hotel to meet the others for dinner. In the shopping complex next to the hotel there was a restaurant called Punjabi by nature. The whole group decided to eat there together and we had a very good dinner there. Later, some of us went to a local bar to hang out and have few beers before bedtime. The local beer; kingfisher, is really good!
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