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We got up early, had a quick breakfast and got on the bus. The first stop was Fatehpur Sikri, an abandoned city. It was built in a very short time, and then abandoned after 15 years, it is said because they didn't have any more water. It was really interesting to hear about how they lived there. I think the best story was that the mogul had his bed really high up, and the reason was that he filled the floor with water during the night, so he would hear if some intruders came. Also he had a ladder, and that was removed during the night so no one could reach him up there.
We continued to Ranthambore and the traffic in India is seriously crazy. When I looked out of the window of the bus I could see cars, buses, tractors, tuk tuks, rickshaws, camels, elephants, mopeds and people walking. I often saw up to five people on one moped! (and we can't even be two on one moped in Norway).
We were so lucky to get to visit a school. Our guide just stopped the bus and asked a teacher if we could come visit and he let us. The kids were so funny. They wanted us to take a thousand pictures of them, try our camera and show us the nice paintings on the walls. Some were really shy and some came running up trying to grab our cameras. Even a boy that didn't go to the school came into the area to get his pictures taken and look at it through the screen. The kids were so eager and when we were about to leave they grabbed me and pulled me back into the classroom. They surrounded me and was so excited, wanting me to take more pictures. In the end I made them all sit down, I took one last picture and the I waved and said good bye. I think they understood that it was time for me to go and they all waved good bye by (luckily) didn't get up again.

I fell asleep sometime along the way, but suddenly the road was so bumpy that I woke up. It was so bumpy that I lost contact with the seat many times during the next hour.
When we got to the hotel it was already about 6.30. I went down to the SPA and asked if they had anything available, and at 7pm I got my full body massage which was so nice!
The dinner was not really that good, so I was lucky my mom brought some hard bread from Norway for me, so I opened the box and had a couple of pieces.
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Ranthambhore National Park
photo by: lealealou