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I had been so excited about this day! We were told that there was a big possibility that we would not see tigers, so we shouldn't get our hopes up. At 6.15am we were all in the open safari truck and on our way to Ranthambore national park.
We saw a few deers (and other antelope type animals that I can never remember the name off), some birds and then after only about an hour in the park we saw our first tiger. It was almost hidden in the bushes and I honestly didn't think that tigers were going to be that difficult to spot! But there it was, just relaxing after eating... We were there for a while just checking out the tiger, even though it didn't really do anything but lay there. Then it got up and moved further back so we couldn't see it anymore.

We continued to a little lake, to see if it would come there to drink some water, but after a little while our driver decided to just drive around a bit and look for other things. We saw more deers and antelope-like animals, but then suddenly the driver put his foot on the gas pedal and hurried up, and that was because he wanted to get to a little water hole before someone else so they wouldn't block us, love drivers like that! There, in the water hole is another tiger, just laying in the water, a little muddy, but still magnificently beautiful!! Since non of the other people had a camera they would be able to get good pictures with (the tiger was not far away, but too close either), I ran to the front of the truck and got some good pictures. Then I went back to my seat because I didn't want to be in anyone's way and the tiger was about to leave.
So were we, but then suddenly, one more tiger! It was laying there the whole time, but we couldn't spot it at all! It was walking towards to water hole and had a great reflection in the water. Everybody yelled at me to go to the front of the truck since they all wanted copies of my pictures...!
We were pretty satisfied with the sightings and went back for breakfast and relaxing by the pool. It was so hot (around 100 degrees) so it didn't go long between everything we would have to cool off in the pool.
We went on another safari at 3pm, we were greeted at the national park by many monkeys, and got to drive past the temple that many locals visit, but didn't see anything more interesting (no more tigers).

The safaris in India are not like the ones in Africa at all... I thought they would be a little similar, but Africa is so much more beautiful and has so many more different animals to spot. I loved the safari in India because I got to see tigers for the first time in the wild, but must admit that nothing beats Africa!!
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Ranthambhore National Park
photo by: lealealou