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After 27 hours of traveling I was finally in India. I was met at the airport and put in a car. I was told I was not going to be able to check in before after 12, so why not do a little sightseeing? The driver (who barely spoke English) told me $30 for as long as I want, so I thought this was fair and the sightseeing started. I had made a list of what I wanted to see in New Delhi, that we would not see as a group, so we went to some of those temples.

The first place we got, temples of Chatarpur. The driver let me out and said that I could just go and look around, he would wait in the car. I have never been to India before and didn't know what to expect. The first obstacle was crossing the street.

There were so many cars, none of them stopped. Somehow the locals managed to cross with no problem, but it took me at least 10 minutes the first time.

I was on my way in to a building (I didn't know where the entrance to the temple area was), the guard pointed at my shoes, so I took them off and handed them to the guy that took care of them and got a number back so I could get the shoes when I was finished. I tried to go in again, but then they pointed towards a sink. I looked at the locals and washed my hands and feet a little awkwardly, and then finally I could go inside. It was a temple. Not very big and not worth the hassle of taking of my shoes and washing, but at least I got the experience of walking barefoot in New Dehli. I managed to find the entrance to the temple area and the temples were beautiful!

I also went to 4 other places that day: Lotus temple (beautiful, but I didn't go in because there were too many people and didn't want to take off my shoes again), Iskcon temple (it was nice, but there were soo many people there and I think it would have been better with a guide), Akshardham temple (it looked beautiful, but the line was very long, it cost to get in there and since I did not have any money I couldn't go in, and I couldn't bring my camera) and Birla Mandir (which looked much more impressive in pictures).

Then after 4 hours of sightseeing, I was really tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. I didn't have any money jet, but the guy that met me at the airport said I could get it at an ATM next to the hotel, so I could pay the driver. I tried the first ATM, my card didn't work, so I found another ATM, but my card didn't work there either!! I didn't know what to do, but we drove to the hotel, I had $20 on me so I gave it to the driver, and told him to call the guy that met me at the aiport (because he could speak English!). I told him I couldn't get any money and he just said he would get in touch before I left the hotel, so that was good, but the driver didn't seem too happy. (Btw, he was the kind of driver that did not try to understand what I said, and spoke to me in his native language and expected me to understand.
Or maybe he did speak in English, but his accent was so heavy, because I did not understand a word!

The highlight of the day was to see an elephant in the street, and my driver stopped and waited until it passed us! :o)

Since I have no money and can't really leave to hotel, I have a little time online (luckily they can charge it to the room so when my mom comes tomorrow, she can pay for it...!! ;o)...) I think I will try all the facilities, like the gym, pool, and room service!! :o)

the_bill says:
Congrats on the feature Marianne!
Posted on: Apr 10, 2010
sarahsan says:
Hey, grattis med dagens anbefaling! Forsett med dette!
Posted on: Apr 10, 2010
webrahul says:
Good going ....ur lucky ur in India other wise it wud be very difficult to manage without money :P
You should try and see other monuments besides religious ones, bcoz there are some magnificent forts, palaces and historic buildings in delhi ....And yea its Delhi not Delhli :)
Posted on: Apr 10, 2010
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