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Hotel: Silverpoint Hotel, Barbados, $177
Flight: Austin (AUS) to Dallas (DFW), American
Flight: Dallas (DFW) to Miami (MIA), American
Flight: Miami (MIA) to Barbados (BGI), American
It's been a bit of an adventure just getting here! We arrived at the airport early morning on Saturday to find our our original Austin-Atlanta flight was delayed, and Delta was rebooking people on alternative flights. After waiting 45 minutes in line, we finally had an itinerary to take over to American, where we found out Delta had given us an illegal connection time in San Juan. By the time we had sorted this out, it was too late for checkin with American, and not possible to make it to Antigua the same day. Since we had tickets from Barbados the next morning, I then asked if they could reaccommodate us to Barbados instead of Antigua, using M's internet phone I finally found a routing via Dallas and Miami to Barbados. After almost two hours on hold, it turned out Delta couldn't change my ticket, but was willing to change M's. I had booked my ticket with Northwest miles, and M's with Delta miles.. since it was Deltas fault the flight was late, they  were willing to send her to Barbados, but wouldn't change mine since it was a Northwest ticket. Finally M got in the AA line while I ran over to Delta to reticket her itinerary. Took only a few minutes and since the Northwest counter was next door, I asked if they could now change my ticket. They couldn't as they were busy still checking in people. They gave me a gate pass so I could have my ticket reissued at the Northwest gate; running through security and down to the other end of the terminal they were able to reacommodate my ticket on American as well. Whew. Ran down to the other end of the terminal, still waiting on M who had checked in our bags at the American desk and was still going through security. We made the flight to Dallas barely with minutes to spare!
We had a few hr layover in Dallas, after going to the lounge found out M and I were booked on different Dallas-Miami flights. The earlier flight was sold out and I would have to wait to get a seat at the gate. The flight was totally full, no chance of an  upgrade at the last minute. We were able to get seats together though luckily. We had a 3+ hr layover in Miami before our flight to Barbados, we went to the lounge to drop off our things then went and had a jerked chicken sandwich in a pasty bun. why is airport food so unappetizing? Finally we boarded the flight to Barbados after they changed terminals on us! The flight was pretty uneventful, but we actually had to buy dinner onboard, no more free meals in coach, even international flights to the Caribbean! The Barbados airport was pretty new and had signs all over for the cricket World Cup which had been in April. I had booked a last minute hotel for Barbados when we were in Miami, the Silver Point. Our taxi driver took us everywhere else, Silver Crest, Silver Wave, etc before finally finding our hotel. By this point it was nearly 11PM and our flight out the next morning was at 8AM. The guard already had our reservation, but reception had already closed. The Silver Point hotel was quite nice, certainly worth a check if we ever come back. But we pretty much crashed after setting up  an early wakeup call and taxi.
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