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Breathtaking sunrise the morning of my departure
Sept. 23: I am currently on the airplane flying to Amsterdam! And Im flying over the Sahara right now! Nothing but sand for miles Anyway, this morning was quite the fiasco. I woke up at 4 to make sure I had time to make myself look decent. I am determined to get off the plane in Paris looking fresh! I am totally decked out in my Maasai jewelry. Im trying to go for the Maasai Parisienne look. Haha, talk about a clash of cultures! We had to leave at 5 to get to Nairobi in time for my flight at 11:10. We had some chai, said our goodbyes and took off. It was sad to leave everyone, but I know Ill come back soon.
Clement, our driver, took us in his safari van out of Merueshi.
Putting out the flaming wheels!
We got about 4 miles away when we hit a big rut in the road and heard a really loud crunch from under the van. I dont know much about cars but something important broke so we couldnt drive the van anymore. I was just trying to stay positive. A half hour delay isnt too bad, and we allowed some leeway time. Kakuta called for someone to bring the truck, and I just kept thinking, how the hell are we going to make it all the way to Nairobi in that thing? And I didnt want to get too dusty, which is a completely futile thing to hope for in the truck. So we waited. And waited. And waited. I started to get antsy because I was afraid of missing my flight. But at least we got to see the most beautiful sunrise ever! It was incredible, it was coming up red and orange and pink right in the middle of the rolling mountains.
Finally, the truck came, and with it about five people sitting in the bed. We took off again and a little way down the road I started to smell something. We stopped and had to put water on the break pads because they were rubbing too much on the tires. We kept driving and then the people in the back of the truck started yelling to stop and get out. The wheels were on fire! Honest to God, flames were coming out of the hubcaps. I have never seen anything like that! The warriors started throwing dirt on it and other people ran to get water and I was just standing there wondering what to do and if Id still make my flight. I did my best to remain positive. I didnt want to know what time it was, but I knew wed taken a long time so far and we still had a long way to go to Nairobi. The fire was put out and Kakuta called for another car. And then we waited some more. Another van came to get us and we started driving again. Thank God, this car actually made it without falling apart! But I was still really worried about missing my flight. Kakuta kept saying, oh yeah, youll be fine, but inside I was having a minor heart attack.
Believe it or not, I made it though. I had to wait in a million lines before I got to the plane, and even though the lady at the check in counter told me I would make it, I knew I wouldnt feel relaxed until I was actually sitting in my seat on the plane. What a relief to be here now! Were about to fly over the Mediterranean Sea! And I have a window seat! Life is good. It is definitely good.
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Breathtaking sunrise the morning o…
Breathtaking sunrise the morning …
Putting out the flaming wheels!
Putting out the flaming wheels!
photo by: easyjobrob