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At our Nairobi hotel

Finally I have internet on my computer and can post this! Sorry, it's REALLY long, but I think if you want to get at least an idea of what it was like, it's good. I am going to post in in sections so it's not too overwhelming. So, this is what I've been up to the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Sept. 14: I cant believe Im in Nairobi right now. Seriously! After about a year on the plane, Im finally in Africa. It seems like such a long time ago that we were rushing out of my dads condo in Seattle. The Seattle airport was a nightmare, due to the fact that we got there later than we should have and that there was a trainee at the security checkpoint. We barely made it to the plane on time! When we took off I almost felt like crying, for multiple reasons. I realized that this is it, I am finally leaving home. And travel like this, going to Europe, has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Europe has always been this fantastic, far off place that Id never really get to experience. And now here I am, flying across the Atlantic to Amsterdam! Holy crap! So, after a 9 ½ hour flight (not too bad with personal TV monitors!) we finally got to Schipol airport. We got some water at a little coffee place and I used one of my 20-euro bills. Everything was in Dutch! We had a brief layover and then got on the plane to Nairobi. I sat next to an older French man and initiated a conversation in French. It was fun, and he thought I was British! I was like, no je suis des Etats Unis. It practically made my life when he told me I speak very well and hardly have any American accent. This flight was not as good as the first, probably because I had already traveled so long. And airplane seats are not so nice on the lower back. And the time change thing is bizarre. I feel like in the last 24 hours Ive eaten 2 or 3 of each meal. When we finally got to Nairobi we had to wait to get our passports stamped, and my feet felt like lead because they swelled up on the plane. We got through and met Kakuta (my dads friend) and two other Maasai warriors, Quenya and Sipoi. Kakuta was in western attire and the others were in full out Maasai garb. They are absolutely beautiful. Kakuta is fluent in English but the other two dont know much so communication was interesting. But I learned a little bit of Maah! I honestly cannot believe Im here.

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At our Nairobi hotel
At our Nairobi hotel
photo by: easyjobrob