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In 2010 I travelled from my hometown to Kuala Lumpur, almost entirely overland, using mostly public transport. The first part of my journey followed the route of Marco Polo, Istanbul to to Kashgar, and on to the upper Silk Road in Kazakhstan. Then I flew to India for my second part of the trip, crossing through Nepal, Tibet, China and on to South-East Asia.

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April 6th, 2010Hilversum, Netherlands
April 6th, 2010Utrecht, Netherlands
April 7th, 2010Warsaw, Poland
April 8th, 2010Kiev, Ukraine
April 9th, 2010Kiev, Ukraine
April 10th, 2010Chernobyl, Ukraine
April 10th, 2010Kiev, Ukraine
April 11th, 2010Odessa, Ukraine
April 12th, 2010Odessa, Ukraine
April 13th, 2010Lviv, Ukraine
April 14th, 2010Lviv, Ukraine
April 15th, 2010Chisinau, Moldova
April 16th, 2010Milestii Mici, Moldova
April 17th, 2010Chisinau, Moldova
April 17th, 2010Giurgiu, Romania
April 17th, 2010Ruse, Bulgaria
April 18th, 2010Sofia, Bulgaria
April 18th, 2010Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria
April 19th, 2010Sofia, Bulgaria
April 19th, 2010Khaskovo, Bulgaria
April 20th, 2010Izmir, Turkey
April 21st, 2010Bergama, Turkey
April 21st, 2010Izmir, Turkey
April 22nd, 2010Ephesus, Turkey
April 22nd, 2010Izmir, Turkey
April 23rd, 2010Pamukkale, Turkey
April 24th, 2010Afrodisias, Turkey
April 24th, 2010Pamukkale, Turkey
April 25th, 2010Antalya, Turkey
April 26th, 2010Antalya, Turkey
April 27th, 2010Bursa, Turkey
April 28th, 2010Istanbul, Turkey
April 29th, 2010Istanbul, Turkey
April 30th, 2010Istanbul, Turkey
May 1st, 2010Istanbul, Turkey
May 2nd, 2010Istanbul, Turkey
May 3rd, 2010Goreme, Turkey
May 3rd, 2010Derinkuyu, Turkey
May 4th, 2010Goreme, Turkey
May 4th, 2010Urgup, Turkey
May 5th, 2010Goreme, Turkey
May 5th, 2010Kayseri, Turkey
May 6th, 2010Kahta, Turkey
May 7th, 2010Karadut, Turkey
May 7th, 2010Sanliurfa, Turkey
May 8th, 2010Diyarbakir, Turkey
May 9th, 2010Erzurum, Turkey
May 10th, 2010Trabzon, Turkey
May 11th, 2010Trabzon, Turkey
May 11th, 2010Batumi, Georgia
May 12th, 2010Tbilisi, Georgia
May 12th, 2010Yerevan, Armenia
May 13th, 2010Sevan, Armenia
May 13th, 2010Geghard, Armenia
May 13th, 2010Garrni, Armenia
May 13th, 2010Yerevan, Armenia
May 14th, 2010Yerevan, Armenia
May 15th, 2010Alaverdi, Armenia
May 15th, 2010Dilijan, Armenia
May 15th, 2010Yerevan, Armenia
May 16th, 2010Tbilisi, Georgia
May 17th, 2010Tbilisi, Georgia
May 18th, 2010Kazbegi, Georgia
May 19th, 2010Mtskheta, Georgia
May 19th, 2010Tbilisi, Georgia
May 20th, 2010Manglisi, Georgia
May 20th, 2010Tbilisi, Georgia
May 21st, 2010Baku, Azerbaijan
May 22nd, 2010Baku, Azerbaijan
May 23rd, 2010Qobustan, Azerbaijan
May 23rd, 2010Baku, Azerbaijan
May 24th, 2010Astara, Azerbaijan
May 24th, 2010Astara, Iran
May 25th, 2010Fuman, Iran
May 25th, 2010Masouleh, Iran
May 26th, 2010Masouleh, Iran
May 27th, 2010Qazvin, Iran
May 28th, 2010Castles of the Assassins, Iran
May 29th, 2010Zanjan, Iran
May 30th, 2010Takht-e Soleiman, Iran
May 31st, 2010Tehran, Iran
June 1st, 2010Tehran, Iran
June 2nd, 2010Tehran, Iran
June 3rd, 2010Tehran, Iran
June 4th, 2010Tehran, Iran
June 5th, 2010Kashan, Iran
June 6th, 2010Abyaneh, Iran
June 6th, 2010Esfahan, Iran
June 7th, 2010Esfahan, Iran
June 8th, 2010Esfahan, Iran
June 9th, 2010Esfahan, Iran
June 10th, 2010Shiraz, Iran
June 11th, 2010Persepolis, Iran
June 11th, 2010Shiraz, Iran
June 12th, 2010Shiraz, Iran
June 13th, 2010Yazd, Iran
June 14th, 2010Yazd, Iran
June 15th, 2010Kharanaq, Iran
June 15th, 2010Chak Chak, Iran
June 15th, 2010Meybod, Iran
June 15th, 2010Yazd, Iran
June 16th, 2010Mahan, Iran
June 16th, 2010Rayen, Iran
June 17th, 2010Bam, Iran
June 17th, 2010Kerman, Iran
June 18th, 2010Kaluts, Iran
June 19th, 2010Kerman, Iran
June 20th, 2010Mashhad, Iran
June 21st, 2010Mashhad, Iran
June 21st, 2010Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
June 22nd, 2010Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
June 23rd, 2010Gypjak, Turkmenistan
June 23rd, 2010Darvaza, Turkmenistan
June 24th, 2010kunya-urgench, Turkmenistan
June 24th, 2010Dashoguz, Turkmenistan
June 25th, 2010Khiva, Uzbekistan
June 26th, 2010Bukhara, Uzbekistan
June 27th, 2010Bukhara, Uzbekistan
June 28th, 2010Bukhara, Uzbekistan
June 29th, 2010Tashkent, Uzbekistan
June 30th, 2010Samarkand, Uzbekistan
July 1st, 2010Samarkand, Uzbekistan
July 2nd, 2010Penjikent, Tajikistan
July 2nd, 2010Shing, Tajikistan
July 3rd, 2010Ayny, Tajikistan
July 3rd, 2010Dushanbe, Tajikistan
July 4th, 2010Kulyab, Tajikistan
July 5th, 2010Vanj, Tajikistan
July 6th, 2010Khorog, Tajikistan
July 7th, 2010Shanbedeh, Tajikistan
July 8th, 2010Ishkashim, Tajikistan
July 8th, 2010Yamchun, Tajikistan
July 9th, 2010Langar, Tajikistan
July 10th, 2010Bulunkul, Tajikistan
July 11th, 2010Murgab, Tajikistan
July 12th, 2010Murgab, Tajikistan
July 13th, 2010Karakul, Tajikistan
July 14th, 2010Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan
July 15th, 2010Irkeshtam, Kyrgyzstan
July 15th, 2010Kashgar, China
July 16th, 2010Kashgar, China
July 17th, 2010Karakol, China
July 18th, 2010Kashgar, China
July 19th, 2010Torugart, Kyrgyzstan
July 19th, 2010Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan
July 19th, 2010Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
July 20th, 2010Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan
July 21st, 2010Jumgal, Kyrgyzstan
July 22nd, 2010Song Kol, Kyrgyzstan
July 22nd, 2010Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan
July 23rd, 2010Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan
July 23rd, 2010Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
July 24th, 2010Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
July 25th, 2010Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
July 26th, 2010Jety Oguz, Kyrgyzstan
July 27th, 2010Jety Oguz, Kyrgyzstan
July 27th, 2010Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
July 28th, 2010Bokonbayevo, Kyrgyzstan
July 29th, 2010Leninskoe, Kyrgyzstan
July 29th, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
July 30th, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
July 31st, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
August 1st, 2010Esik, Kazakhstan
August 2nd, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
August 3rd, 2010Taraz, Kazakhstan
August 4th, 2010Turkistan, Kazakhstan
August 5th, 2010Shymkent, Kazakhstan
August 6th, 2010Sayram, Kazakhstan
August 7th, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
August 8th, 2010Bolshoe Almatinskoe Lake, Kazakhstan
August 9th, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
August 10th, 2010Astana, Kazakhstan
August 11th, 2010Astana, Kazakhstan
August 12th, 2010Astana, Kazakhstan
August 13th, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
August 14th, 2010Almaty, Kazakhstan
August 14th, 2010New Delhi, India
August 15th, 2010New Delhi, India
August 16th, 2010New Delhi, India
August 16th, 2010Amritsar, India
August 17th, 2010Atari, India
August 17th, 2010Amritsar, India
August 18th, 2010New Delhi, India
August 19th, 2010New Delhi, India
August 20th, 2010Khajuraho, India
August 21st, 2010Khajuraho, India
August 22nd, 2010Orchha, India
August 23rd, 2010Agra, India
August 24th, 2010Agra, India
August 24th, 2010Fatehpur Sikri, India
August 25th, 2010Sawai Madhopur, India
August 25th, 2010Ranthambhore National Park, India
August 26th, 2010Jaipur, India
August 27th, 2010Jaipur, India
August 28th, 2010Pushkar, India
August 29th, 2010Pushkar, India
August 30th, 2010Sam, India
August 31st, 2010Jaisalmer, India
September 1st, 2010Jodhpur, India
September 2nd, 2010Ranakpur, India
September 4th, 2010Udaipur, India
September 6th, 2010Mumbai, India
September 10th, 2010New Delhi, India
September 11th, 2010New Delhi, India
September 14th, 2010Varanasi, India
September 17th, 2010Sunauli, Nepal
September 18th, 2010Lumbini, Nepal
September 19th, 2010Pokhara, Nepal
September 21st, 2010Pokhara, Nepal
September 23rd, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
September 24th, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
September 25th, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
September 27th, 2010Lukla, Nepal
September 27th, 2010Phakding, Nepal
September 28th, 2010Namche Bazaar, Nepal
September 29th, 2010Namche Bazaar, Nepal
September 30th, 2010Tengboche, Nepal
October 1st, 2010Dingboche, Nepal
October 2nd, 2010Dingboche, Nepal
October 3rd, 2010Dughla, Nepal
October 4th, 2010Lobuche, Nepal
October 5th, 2010Everest Base Camp, Nepal
October 5th, 2010Gorak Shep, Nepal
October 6th, 2010Gorak Shep, Nepal
October 6th, 2010Pheriche, Nepal
October 7th, 2010Tengboche, Nepal
October 7th, 2010Namche Bazaar, Nepal
October 8th, 2010Lukla, Nepal
October 9th, 2010Lukla, Nepal
October 10th, 2010Lukla, Nepal
October 11th, 2010Lukla, Nepal
October 11th, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
October 12th, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
October 13th, 2010Sauraha, Nepal
October 14th, 2010Chitwan, Nepal
October 15th, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
October 16th, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
October 17th, 2010Kathmandu, Nepal
October 18th, 2010Barabise, Nepal
October 23rd, 2010Lhasa, China
October 28th, 2010Lanzhou, China
October 28th, 2010Xi'an, China
October 29th, 2010Xi'an, China
October 30th, 2010Xi'an, China
October 31st, 2010Chengdu, China
November 3rd, 2010Chongqing, China
November 6th, 2010Guilin, China
November 8th, 2010Yangshuo, China
November 11th, 2010Ping'an, China
November 13th, 2010Kunming, China
November 16th, 2010Jinghong, China
November 17th, 2010Louang Namtha, Laos
November 19th, 2010Huay Xai, Laos
November 22nd, 2010Chiang Khong, Thailand
November 24th, 2010Pattaya, Thailand
November 26th, 2010Patong, Thailand
November 29th, 2010Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
December 2nd, 2010Hat Yai, Thailand
December 3rd, 2010Penang, Malaysia
December 9th, 2010Sepang, Malaysia