Day 71 (4): Fire!

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Zoroastrian fire temple
Thanks to the people I met here and/or travelled with: Michael (Australia), Gisela (Spain), Lorian (Iran), Aziza & Jorma, Bas (Netherlands)

Back in Yazd we asked Lorian to show us one place we hadn't seen in Yazd yet. There is an important Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd (Yazd has the largest and most active Zoroastrian community in Iran) and due to missing out on Chak Chak we had some time left, so Lorian happily obliged.

The fire in the temple has been burning since AD 470, though it was transferred from another location to Yazd in the 15th century. Now this sounds more impressive than it really is, since the fire in the temple looked like little more than a camp-fire (behind bullet proof glass, no less). But when you think about it, it actually is impressive that this fire has been burning consistently for almost 1600 years.
Family duly posing after the confusion when we asked to have a picture taken
This is not an 'eternal flame' like Graceland or Soviet propaganda memorials for unknown soldiers, which are fuelled by gas. No, this is a proper wood-fed camp-fire, which needs fresh wood from time to time. This means that people are actually tending to this fire 24 hours a day and have been doing so for 1600 years!

There was a nice moment of hilarity when I asked Lorian to ask some Iranian tourists to take a picture of the four of us in front of the firetemple. I wanted Lorian to be in the photo, since we had had a great time with him today.
However, Iranians have issues with gender pronouns in English. I regularly noticed how Iranians would use he and she randomly in sentences (something like “see that boy, she has his ball in her hand”).
So when I asked Lorian to ask an Iranian to take a photo of us, he ordered the family to stand in front of the temple so that we could take a photo of them.
This was the foto we were trying to achieve
Gawd this was embarrassing. Michael, Gisela and I had a hard time not to burst out laughing when we figured out what just had happened, and we duly shot our photos of the family, who were posing as if it was for an official portrait.  

After our visit to the fire temple Lorian helped us buy some bus tickets for our next destination before he dropped us off at the hostel again. It had been a very pleasant day with him. Not only is he an excellent driver, he also proved to be a very knowledgeable guide (despite his insistence that his service would be driver only).

Back in the Silk Road hotel I met two Dutch cyclists. If you are talking hard-core travelling, these are the real deal. After having walked from Holland to the South of France, they are now cycling from Istanbul to Cambodia. All for a good cause, in fact, see: Friends On Wheels.
fire! (well protected by bullet-proof glass, just in case someone wants to extinguish it)

I had a very nice chat with them. Somehow it was nice speaking my own language again after all this time. It is strange that before meeting Bas at Persepolis a few days ago, I had not spoken any Dutch for weeks and not met any Dutch travellers for months. And now all of a sudden they were popping up everywhere (Bas arrived at the hostel the next morning).
A pity they weren't here yesterday to watch the match.

We had a nice dinner in the restaurant at the Silk Road Hotel. Another nice dinner, I should say, since this was the third night in a row that I was eating here. It really is a great place. They have an excellent menu sporting local and international dishes (from camel stew to veggie Thai curry) and they do some mean shakes to wash it down as well (date-banana shake, my new favourite).
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Zoroastrian fire temple
Zoroastrian fire temple
Family duly posing after the confu…
Family duly posing after the conf…
This was the foto we were trying t…
This was the foto we were trying …
fire! (well protected by bullet-pr…
fire! (well protected by bullet-p…
Information on Zoroastrianism
Information on Zoroastrianism
inside the fire temple
inside the fire temple
Another one of those tasteless pos…
Another one of those tasteless po…
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