Day 67 (2): Friday street market and the Monobrow franchise

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having a falafel sandwich for dinner
Thanks to the people I met here and/or travelled with: Michael (Australia)

After the trip to Persepolis we took a long break in the comfort of the air-conditioning in our hotel room. I must say I was getting quite into the Iranian rhythm of going to bed late, getting up early and taking a siesta during the heat of the day. Besides, it was Friday, the holy day in Islam, so all museums and sights were closed and the city was absolutely deserted.

At the end of the afternoon we braved the heat and went to check our mail in an Internet café. When we returned it was already dark and the temperature had dropped a bit. During our e-mail check the main street of Shiraz had transformed from a deserted place into a very lively flea market.
The original Monobrow, the possible start of a great franchise empire
Though most of the shops were closed, the pavement was completely taken up by hundreds of people selling all kinds of junk on one side and thousands of people buying it on the other.
Merchandise on sale ranged from underwear to power tools to 'forbidden' goods like posters of David Beckham and DVDs of Western films.

While Shiraz had been absolutely dead during the day, it had become a fantastic lively place in a matter of hours. Instead of finding a restaurant we opted for some street food instead. There were some guys selling falafel sandwiches and a kind of spring roles, so we tried both of these. The falafel was lovely and I wondered why it is so hard to find this snack elsewhere in Iran (probably because it is considered an Arabian dish? After all, Iranians hate the Arabs and anything Arab).
Having a delicious Monobrow shake for desert (prepared by Monobrow, but handed to me by his boss because he wanted to be in the photo)

Food needs to be washed down with some refreshing liquids and I remembered this great juice store along the main street where I had had a nice melon juice yesterday. These juice places are quite ubiquitous throughout Iran but at this place they would put actual fruit in their smoothies (instead of just water and sugar). When we got to the place we were greeted by a friendly guy sporting the largest monobrow we and ever seen. We had trouble not to burst out laughing (which would be very impolite, especially since he was such a friendly guy). Choosing from the wide range of shakes available I opted for something called a “power shake” which consisted of banana, coconut, hazelnut, chocolate, ice cream, milk and God knows what else. A great (but very rich) desert.

In honour of the guy with the monobrow and his great shakes Michael and I continued to call every juice store a Monobrow from that moment onwards. Every time either one of us was thirsty we would go “I'm thirsty, you fancy a Monobrow?”. A gag we held up throughout our trip together. In our minds the Monobrow empire became the biggest franchise in the whole of Iran, with international fame only moments away.

edsander says:
Love running gags! I can imagine the fun you guys had! ;-)
Posted on: Jul 18, 2010
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having a falafel sandwich for dinn…
having a falafel sandwich for din…
The original Monobrow, the possibl…
The original Monobrow, the possib…
Having a delicious Monobrow shake …
Having a delicious Monobrow shake…
Some typical goods for sale at the…
Some typical goods for sale at th…
street food stall
street food stall
Michael at the night market
Michael at the night market
photo by: Vlindeke