Day 206 (1): Travelling without moving

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Snow! This means we've come down from the mountains. Err, wait, that can't be right?

The next morning the surroundings did not seem to have changed that much. Outside it was still golden brown hills and snowcapped mountains. Judging from how much my plastic water bottle had shrunk we had lost a significant altitude.
Later the landscape changed from sunny and golden-brown into a gloomy, cloudy winter landscape. Funny how down here the winter has already set in, while up at the Tibetan plateau it was still summer. Weird how the weather can actually be colder at lower altitudes.

During the day the landscape outside became more and more Chinese. This looked quite like the China I had seen from the train to Beijing, including the mist. It seems as if this whole country is always covered in perpetual mist.

China shrouded in its perpetual mist
I had mist when I was in Beijing and also my trip to Hong Kong ten years ago was characterised by mist and poor visibility.

All day long I spent in my compartment. Well, there wasn't anywhere else I could go, really. As the train moved, all I had to do is sit still. I worked on my blog, watched some movies on my laptop, read up on Xi'an and South-West China and planned my trip for the upcoming weeks.

Every once in a while we would stop at a station and I could go out and get some fresh air. Unfortunately this is not the former Soviet Union, so the choices of food available at the stations were limited. There was little more available than pot noodles, dried meat and packed fruit, so my diet was fairly boring. It was cheap though. Not counting the expense of the train ticket itself I have spent less than 10 Euros these past two days on the train.

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Snow! This means weve come down f…
Snow! This means we've come down …
China shrouded in its perpetual mi…
China shrouded in its perpetual m…
Gloomy dark skies
Gloomy dark skies
Sunset seen from the train
Sunset seen from the train
My water bottle after the big desc…
My water bottle after the big des…
My train
My train
Stretching my legs at one of the s…
Stretching my legs at one of the …
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