Day 194: Oh no, it's raining again and you know it's hard to pretend

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Sign at the entrance of the bar where I wrote this blog entry - At least they're honest about their service (or lack thereof)

Isn't it strange how a song with such depressing lyrics can have such an upbeat melody? I'm normally not fussed about the weather, but the absurd amount of rain I have experienced over the past 10 weeks had dampened my mood somewhat this morning (either that or the fact that I couldn't sleep off my hangover due to the excessive noise in the street, which had started at 6 in the morning).

My plan had been to venture into the Kathmandu valley once more and spend the night at Nagarkot, a village perched high on a ridge from where you are supposed to have a majestic vista on the Himalayas. But alas, rain generally means no vistas, so I didn't see any point in travelling there now. Besides, travelling would have been a challenge anyway because of the Dashain festival.

So it was yet another day in Kathmandu. In the rain. I wasn't too bothered though. Yes, it was a major downer I wasn't able to go to Nagarkot, but on the other hand I had plenty of things to do. I paid the balance of my Tibet trip, bought some new sandals (the ones I had taken with me from Holland were ready for retirement after three years of service), I exchanged my finished book for a new one and finally did some much needed blog updates.

But above all, it was a day to take it easy. I was really, really tired. The trek, the partying that ensued, not having had a lie-in past 06:30 in the past four weeks, it was taking its toll. I had felt pretty exhausted during the Chitwan trip and I figured that if I wanted to survive the next four weeks, which will consist of some pretty heavy-duty travelling through Tibet and China, then I'd need some rest. So today and tomorrow will be the 'take it easy days'.

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Sign at the entrance of the bar wh…
Sign at the entrance of the bar w…
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