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The best 'mind your head' sign I have ever seen

Thanks to the people I met here and/or travelled with: John (Scotland)

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the day after we rescued ourselves from Lukla, the weather cleared and the airport reopened. It didn't matter, yesterday had been a great adventure. Besides, I would not have wanted to be at Lukla airport

Later we heard there had even been a plane crash today. There were no casualties, but a landing plane had overshot the runway and crashed into the wall, destroying the nose. Don't think I would have happily stepped on a plane after seeing that.

Most of the day I spend running some necessary errands. First I moved to the Yeti Guest Home. I hadn't slept all that well at the Grand Royal. It had been uncomfortable and noisy.

Getting rid of the fluff on my head - this the before...
I went to confirm my Tibet trip, had a haircut, returned my rental sleeping bag, did some blog updates and had plenty of coffees.
I met up with Hem and evaluated the trip with him. He was shocked to hear about the poor performance of Sanjeev. He had feared it might happen. He never used Sanjeev before, in fact, Sanjeev was the nephew of one of his regular guides who had asked some time off in order to celebrate the Dashain festival with his family. So that's how I ended up with Sanjeev. The first and last time, as far as Hem was concerned.
“I hope you didn' t give him any tip?” Hem asked. I smiled. I love it when people think the same way as I do.

The next couple of days I wanted to visit the Chitwan National Park in the south of Nepal.
...and after
I had originally wanted to do thison the way from Lumbini to Pokhara, but because of the bad weather I had skipped this. Now I had another challenge: the Dashain festival. This weekend are the most important festivities of the 15-day festival, so every person in Nepal is expected to go back home to their family in the countryside. All the buses are full.
When I discussed this with Hem he smiled at me. “You know there is one person who can always arrange transportation at the last moment” he said. I guessed he was right. I had tried booking through the Yeti Guest Home, but they hadn't been so sure if they could arrange the bus tickets. So I booked with Hem instead.

In the afternoon I met up with John at the Sheesha bar.
John hitching a ride with a rickshaw in an unconventional way
Not wanting to eat at the same place again we went to the Third Eye restaurant. We had both been here before, but the food is excellent, as is the atmosphere, so it was an obvious choice.
We wanted to go out, but we ended up talking until late. It was 22:00 when we finally made it out of the restaurant, only an hour left until all the bars close.

We found a place which stayed open a bit longer than others, but even so we were kicked out at 23:30. Not wanting to go home just yet we went to the casino located in the basement of John's hotel. There wasn't much going on here, but at least we would be able to get a few more drinks.

The casino wasn't a very nice or lively place. All the games were computerized, which takes out most of the fun, in my opinion. There were hardly any patrons here either.
no comment
Yet we couldn't resist playing a game of roulette. This was a fully automatic machine, with a roulette wheel in the middle (at least it had a real ball), and touch screens around it where you could place your bets. We had to pay our money to one of the staff, who then added credits on to our machine using a special key.
We exchanged 1000 rupees, which is about 10 euros, for which we received 93 credits and 7 rupees change. Seemed a bit of a weird exchange rate to me, but never mind. This meant the minimum bet was around 10 cents, which is exactly the kind of money I like to play with.

We played for a while and I saw my money dwindle slowly, but then I hit big a few times in a row. I was not drunk enough to bet all my winnings, so I opted to cash out. I had 157 credits, so I nearly doubled my money. To my surprise the payout was 2700 rupees - almost triple the amount I started with!
I told John to cash out immediately. Surely something is very wrong here. He was down to 65 credits, so he was actually at a loss, yet he too received more money than he had started with. What a great casino!

We spent our winnings on buying some double whiskies and some snacks, before I remembered I had booked a trip to Chitwan for tomorrow and would have to get up at 5 - that was 4 hours from now. And I still needed to pack. Oh shit!

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The best mind your head sign I h…
The best 'mind your head' sign I …
Getting rid of the fluff on my hea…
Getting rid of the fluff on my he…
...and after
...and after
John hitching a ride with a ricksh…
John hitching a ride with a ricks…
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no comment
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