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From Zaouia I catch the bus back to where I finally will explore Nouasseur.

I get off at a little market and tagine restaurant for passing travellers, and head into what it seems is the town of Nouasseur.  But there’s something very strange about this town, very un-Moroccan.  The houses are surrounded by gardens and plants--  but these aren’t upscale villas--  rather, very simple single storey wooden houses with corrugated metal roofs and vine covered fences rather than walls.  It feels like I’ve suddenly stepped out of Morocco and into Panama! 

As I wander I try to figure out the enigma of this place.  It seems like a leftover French neighbourhood--  although these humble houses don’t look anything like the chalets of Ifrane, Khouribga or Youssefia… Maybe this was a “lower class” French neighbourhood… or these were vacation homes… but who would want a vacation home so far from the beach or mountains?

Anyways, Nouasseur remains a bit of an enigma.

LOTS of snails in Nouasseur
  These houses seem to still be inhabited, but just a few have been “upgraded” to more solid typical Moroccan villa style, most of the owners seem to be happy to let to le the paint peel and the weeds grow… giving the whole place a very laid back, tropical vibe.

At the edge of Nouasseur, a new development is being built with your standard 3 storey block houses crammed tightly together--  doesn’t seem to have a lot of inhabitants yet, but there are already a couple of café’s and shops trying to get their foot in this new neighborhood.  Will this grow into a “living city”, or will this just be a dead city where rich people build second homes that they hardly ever use?  Time will tell.

Anyways, it’s been an interesting day exploring the Casablanca hinterlands… and it looks like it might be my last day of exploration of this semester.

  I guess I could cram in a few more towns, but I decide not to… I’ll take the rest of this month off to reflect of all that’s gone on… and gear up for my next adventures…


The End of Semester 2010A


Unfortunately 2010A will always live in the shadow of 2009, perhaps the best year of my life so far, when my GPT Project flew to heights hadn’t even dared to imagine--  exploring 130 African towns during the first 6 months… 201 European towns in one 2 month supertrip… I guess I kind of hoped that that was going to start a new pattern for me.

Well, that didn’t quite happen.  In 2010A, the start of a new decade, I went down from 201 towns to 72 (my lowest to date) and from 68 days and 979 hours on the road to 51 days and 484 hours…

There were some important accomplishments however.

  Being able to go back to the town where I grew up and play my music in the town plaza--  and at a New Year’s dance, was a big highlight, sort of bringing my life full circle by allowing me to see how much I have and haven’t changed since I last lived there 15 years ago.  Then there was my guilty pleasure trip to parkbench the French Riviera… and of course my 20 day, 100 hour Casablanca Supertour which added a new dimension to my Parkbenching Project:  it’s not just about adding new towns… 

I also had plenty of time to reflect on the Big Question:  is this Project really something I want to do for the rest of my life?  I obviously can’t answer that for certain, but I did spend a good number of hours making a list of all the towns I would want to play music in, if this ends up being a lifelong project…

I came up with a list of 10,000 towns in 193 countries. 

At my present pace, that will take me 46 years.

I think that would be a really, really cool way to spend the rest of my life.   

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LOTS of snails in Nouasseur
LOTS of snails in Nouasseur
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