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Two days later, I’m out again, heading right back to Nouasseur (where I thought I was yesterday, but it turns out I wasn’t).  My expectations are low today--  I just want to keep up the rythmn, that’s all…

There actually is a city bus that goes all the way to Nouasseur and Deroua so I decide to take it.  But when we reach Nouasseur, it just keeps going and going… through another forest… past another military base… past an upscale development just starting… even past the airport!  As we lose more and more passengers, I start to get worried that the end of the line is going to be out in the middle of nowhere…

But no… it reaches a small, but cozy little town right along the main Casablanca-Marrakech freeway: Zaouia, which I’ll call Zaouia Nouasseur to distinguish from the other Zaouia up in the mountains.


It’s a pleasant, unpretentious little town with narrow streets and single storey buildings--  it still hasn’t been targeted by upper class Casawis for building their hulking “weekend houses” in.   You get the feeling that people have lived here a long, long time--  long before this area started getting targeted for urban expansion…

I take a pleasant stroll around the village--  I even find a run down little garden where I can pull out my guitar for a strum.  The sound of planes landing at the nearby Mohammed V airport provide an odd contrast to the idyllic peacefulness of this place. People are friendly, in a neighbourly, small town way… A few locals kids pass by, heading to school even as a few “toll evader” trucks rumble down a country road nearby. 

But Zaouia still feels like an oasis of calm, even as the noise and chaos of Casablanca is slowly surrounding it.

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Zaoia Nouasseur
photo by: nathanphil