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Today I’m heading back to Italy.  It’s been a great three days and three nights in Nice--  just about the perfect amount of time to experience the area at my typical hurried pace.  Now I’m going to backtrack back to Genova and back on up to Bergamo. 

But there won’t be any redundancy I’m sure.  There are a lot of towns that I skipped on my way west that I can stop at on my way back.  The first is Menthon, the last French town before the Italian border.  So I catch the 1 Euro bus to Menthon, sitting next to a weird but fascinating old guy.  He’s a painting restorer whose job is to restore ancient works of art.  He gripes about how the guys restoring Michelangelo’s Sistene Chapel got it all wrong… Now he’s got his own little castle up in the mountains which he’s turned into a sci-fi themed museum with futuristic murals all over the walls!   He invites me to come and play background music in his museum…

We get off in Menthon, which is absolutely packed with tourists.

  I guess since Easter weekend was pretty cloudy and chilly, people are making up for it on this sunny day.  I head down to the beach, but it looks pretty stale compared to the rugged coasts I’ve been seeing lately… so I head back up to Main Street to wander through downtown past fabulous 19th century style hotels with a slight tropical flair… Then up a long, crowded pedestrian street with nicely kept up beige buildings on each side.   It would have an Old Town feel if it weren’t so crowded.  So the best spot I can find for my clip is a tiny little fort on the coast.

A bit farther, is a big, sprawling “brocande” (community yard sale or swap meet).  It seems a bit out of place in such a luxurious area, but it seems to be doing brisk business as people browse through used clothes, kitchenware and works of art…

An ironic end to my French Riviera tour.


End of Tour 019: France Southeast 1


My France-Southeast tour actually started last summer with 2 days exploring Lyon along with nine of its suburbs.  Now, with another 15 towns of the French Riviera under my belt and a total of 25 towns, 7 days and 91 hours, I think I’ve got my first France South-east Tour.

Lyon, with its rich history that goes back to when it was the capital of the the region during the Roman Empire, offered a lot to discover--  although its suburbs were a bit dry, I’ll have to admit.  Nice and all it’s neighboring towns including the “nation” of Monaco was a really guilty pleasure of being able to taste of one of this world’s extravagantly luxurious areas--   without spending much money at all.

  In fact, with its 1 euro intercity bus fares, it can actually be one of the cheapest places to explore in Europe!

I don’t expect anyone to think of me as a great adventurer as I tell of my hikes around the French Riviera, but I don’t care.  For me, discovering a medieval village like Roquebrune tucked in the cliffs is an adventure, maybe not the same kind as hitchhiking across Mauritania, but it’s still an adventure.  And I feel quite satisfied with the adventures had during my short excursion in Southeast France.

viajeroh says:
I agree: travelling on your own is an adventure, a new every-new-day adventure...
Many people hike the Himalaya with a crowd of people supporting them and totally equiped...
an adventure is an adventure... hte graduation of the level is inside of us. :))
Posted on: Nov 08, 2010
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