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On my second day in the Riviera, I figure I should go ahead and head down the road to Cannes.   I’ve been warned that the town is a bit overglamourized as the home of the biggest international film festival, but it just wouldn’t feel right to leave to Riviera without at least checking it out.


I head back down to the Nice bus station, assuming that, in this land of luxury, a trip to Cannes is going to cost me a small fortune.


Nope.  1 Euro.


One Euro?! I do some quick calculations and realize that that makes the French Riviera one of the cheapest places on earth in terms of travel!  Even in Morocco I wouldn’t be able to cover that far a distance for one Euro!  This region certainly has its share of ironies.



It’s a long ride, due to so many stops, but I’m not complaining.  Finally we reach Cannes where I get dropped off right next to the coast.  Here there is another nice harbour with your typical millionaire yachts as well as humbler looking boats.  But my eyes are on the castle at the top of the hill which is my first priority for exploration. 


The castle is closed, so I had to settle for a nice view from the courtyard of the city and the surrounding area… I strummed a few songs, then looked for another way back into the city.  I soon found myself in the “Old Town” which is really just one street which feels more like a tourist trap than a real old town with its endless restaurants, bars, t-shirt and postcard shops… After Roquebrune and Ventimiglia, it does feel like this town thinks a bit too much of itself.

And then I head back to the coast to the auditorium where the Cannes festival is held and…it’s a really, really ugly looking building.  It looks like sections of concrete and glass were just slapped together with no real design or rhyme to it…  I guess in a country as classy as France, you’d think they’d have put a bit more thought into the design of such an important building.


So much for the Cannes mystique.


I check through the postcards to see if I’m missing anything really impressive, but most of them just show shots of the beach and the ocean.   There is a pretty impressive luxury hotel, the Carlton International, built in a sort of Victorian style down the road, some cool modern art sculptures along the beach, and a quasi Eastern Orthodox church that catches my eye… but that’s about it… Maybe I juts came expecting too much, but Cannes just didn’t quite win me over.

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photo by: Vikram