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I continue on east, on a narrow road with cliff on the left and a sheer drop on the right--  but not for long, as soon I come across a valley that cuts right into the mountain, with a sparkling stream and a town that follows it on either side.


I told Patrick not too long ago “I’ll bet you there’s a freeway that’s burrowing right through these mountains here”.  He couldn’t believe it.  I told him “here in Italy, they value their coastline, so instead of building the freeway on the coast, they tunnel it right through the mountain, where it’s nothing but tunnels and bridges for hundreds of miles.”

“in the US we’d just bulldoze the shoreline, and build it right along the beach…”


Sure enough, I was right, here in Sori, the freeway appears for the first time, way up on a bridge at a dizzying height.

  It’s beautiful how folks here work so hard to preserve their landscape, but I wince when I think how much that freeway must have cost…


Sori is a charming little town, with the mountains and stream giving it a rural, isolated feel, but the 6 storey buildings crammed together on it’s one real street along the stream giving it an ghettoish Old City feel. 

I’m feeling pretty hungry, but I don’t want to slow my pace, so I just grab a box of musli granola and yoghurt, pause for a strum on a bench by the stream, stroll down to the boat harbour and past the church with its spire just barely reaching the railroad bridge high above… and continue on my way.


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photo by: nathanphil
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