0611 A New Shoreline Town (Ita 090—new)

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Back to my eastshore hike…


After Patrick and I finally exited Genoa, I was pumped and ready to start racking of “new city” points, and it wouldn’t be long before we found our first.


Bogliasco is a narrow town with the sea on one side and steep hills on the other.  It’s got a very neighbourly feel with a crowded little park where kids come to play and young mothers gather to chat and gossip.  I’ve explained the “parkbenching” concept to Patrick,  so he patiently waits as I go through my little routine in each town.


Here in Bogliasco I first notice the “fake baroque” style that seems to be popular in this region.

  Here many of the otherwise plain looking buildings have columns, statues, windowsills and all the elaborate baroque exterior dĂ©cor--  painted on!  From a distance you might be fooled, but come closer and it’s pretty obvious.  It’s all very detailed and elaborate, with the shadows and everything… and I wonder, why would people go to so much trouble?  I imagine that they have to repaint this stuff frequently, especially since they’re right next to the damp, ocean air… Why not just do real baroque carvings on your buildings?


My theory is that folks here felt a bit self conscious being so close to glorious Genova and felt that had to do something to spruce up their homes--  but just couldn’t quite afford to do the “real thing”!


Anyways, Bogliasco is a cool little discovery…

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photo by: nathanphil