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I hop on a bus and on up another beautiful valley alongside a rushing stream--  but as in Paia, with its grimey industrial structures as well.  We pass through a couple of picturesque little villages that I hope I’ll be able to tour on my way back.  It seems that the deeper I get into these valleys, the more there is to discover.


Clusone is a fabulous little town.  First there are these beautiful old mansions with detailed paintings beneath the eaves all around… then there are the twisted alleys in the old town.  The up to the main church on the hillside with a row of statues gazing out to the snowy slopes on the other side.


The paintings in and outside these medieval churches are intriguing to say the least.

  Here you can find the famed “macabre art” of medieval which shows skeletons or “death” mingling with the townsfolk, killing at will.  It seems to almost glorify death--  maybe it was a way of coping with so much death during the Black Plague and other morbid periods of history.

Inside the church you find even more bizarre paintings… there’s a woman with a peaceful face with her breasts sliced off (a guess she was a saint who suffered mutilation for her faith).    It gives the idea of how back in the day torture and mutilation were just stuff you were used to seeing on a daily basis.   I think of taking a picture of it--  but it’s a bit much for my tastes… I’ve got too much respect for breasts to do that!


Once outside of the church compound,  things quickly return to the cheeriness of the modern day.  It’s market day, and the alleys of Clusone are alive with shoppers and folks just strolling about.  It’s a very cozy and heartwarming feeling to be surrounded by snowy peaks on all sides, and yet see a town so alive and full of energy.


And then suddenly the town ends, and the forest begins again… just like it should be…

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photo by: nathanphil