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Down below is a stream and a village on the other side.  It would make for a nice postcard shot if it weren’t for a grimy looking industrial building down below--  one of many that you’ll see up along this valley.  A lot of these were built way back in Mussolini’s time and many people think they’re a blight on an otherwise perfect landscape.  They wish that people had had the foresight to dedicate this valley to tourism only, and not mar it with industry.


My feelings are mixed when I see these structures.  I remember beautiful villages in central Italy with no industry--  and yet no tourists… and even if they had tourists, that would be for only a couple months out of the year, not enough to provide families with a livelihood.

  Thus these villages are stagnant and slowly dying, despite their charm and beautiful surroundings.


Industry, on the other hand, provides people with a steady income and a future.  And, although not exactly beautiful, I would argue that they don’t “destroy” the landscape.  The streams here are still clean and the surrounding slopes still green and covered with trees.  And people can both live and work here, rather than having to commute to the city every day or just turning these villages into summer vacation homes.  In other words, industry keeps the towns in this valley alive, so I’m not going to complain.


Up the other side, is the village of Paia, with great views of the valley and… snowcapped mountains!  Woohoo!  Finally I get to see the Alps with snow on them!

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photo by: nathanphil
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