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Tour 018: Italy North 2


Massimo, the fellow I met in St Louis, Senegal back in early 2009, and visited in October, is there to meet me at the airport. First priority is to get myself another camera--  as tomorrow is a Sunday and shops will be closed, and if I start exploring without a camera, I’m just going to have to go back a re-explore everything later.


After that we head out to have pizza with a couple of fellows who organize concerts in the area, and to check out a little club with live music.  I was kind of hoping to be able to play music on stage during this visit, but it doesn’t seem that that’s going to happen this time… Anyways, it’s good to hang out with a friend…


Massimo actually lives in Cazzano San Andre, a village tucked in the mountains about 25 kilometers north of Bergamo.

  Technically I already “parkbenched” this village on my last visit--  but I kind of cheated because I didn’t really explore the town much, I just hung out with Massimo.  So this time I’m determined to explore the village properly, and take a proper outdoor video clip.

Cazzano is actually one of 5 villages snuggled up to each other in this cozy lower Alpine valley.  Right next door is Gandino, a historically rich town crammed with old churches and your typical stone alleyways.  The Main cathedral is fascinating, with a unique style that combines architecture from several eras. 


It’s a crisp early morning, but a few people are already headed to mass, including a teenage fellow, leading his frail grandmother--  a touching sight, something I haven’t seen too much of here in Europe…


Just a half a block away is another church, and then another… seems they really wanted to make sure no one had to walk very far to get to church.


It’s a charming little town, although I notice that, just like Germany last January, no one seems to want to greet anyone as they pass.  That’s a bit odd--  I’d expect people to be a bit more cheery in a small, Alpine town like this one.


I continue on, as the town narrows, and then ends abruptly… and there’s nothing but forest and mountain beyond.  A beautiful start to my New Italian Adventures.

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photo by: nathanphil