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Finally past jagged cliffs, rocky islands and a couple of military posts, I reach Cap Spartel, the Northwesternmost Corner of Africa.  Here there’s not a whole lot, just a lighthouse and a couple of restaurants, and a good view of the ocean below.  It’s a significant spot I suppose…


And now it’s getting late, so I hurry on back, this time taking another road that heads up the mountains that I’m hoping will take me straight back to Tanger.  All the collective taxis seem to have dried up, so it looks like it’s going to be a long, late hike. 

On the way I enjoy a magnificent view of the lush green plains and coastline stretching on to the south.


A car pulls over in front of me and a couple of guys offer me a ride.  It looks like they’re doing a bit of drinking and driving, but I decide to accept anyways… They’re in a very jolly mood, and fill me in on the story behind each sprawling estate that we pass--  many of which are owned by superwealthy foreigners.  There’s definitely a lot of money here in Tanger, and some of the most luxurious homes in the country--  something you’d never imagine if you arrived at the grudgey port on a ferry from Spain.

The fellows are kind enough to drive me all the way to the Old Medina where I decide to call it a day.


Next Day


My flight isn’t until 4 in the afternoon, so I’ve still got a lot of time to kill--  or should I say, spend wisely.  With a malfunctioning camera, exploring new towns is off the menu--  but there is a stretch of Tanger that I can still discover:  Southwest towards the airport--  but through the city rather than through the forest!


It’s a fairly peaceful hike, mainly following the main drag, past middle and lower middle class neighborhoods and shopping centers as you get farther from the heart of the city.  One interesting thing is to watch young fellows try to climb under Spain-bound trucks at the stoplights… I watch bemusedly as they scramble to find something to hang onto under the truck before it starts moving again…  I guess it beats crossing in a flimsy rowboat--  although I didn’t see any of the guys actually manage to climb on…


Finally the hulking apartment developments start to get interspersed with emerald rolling hills… I pass the half built stadium--  part of Morocco’s failed ambition to host the FIFA World Cup…


It looks like I might just be able to make it all the way to the airport on foot in time…  But then a car pulls over, and a fellow asks me what kind of music I play.  He’s Wassim, the keyboard player in a well known Moroccan fusion band Dar Dmana.  I tell him that I’m on my way to the airport, but that if he wants, we can get together on my way back from Italy in two weeks and maybe jam a bit…


So he gives me a ride to the airport, giving a classy finish to my day’s adventures.  Now I’m off to experience Italy for the second time in less than 6 months.

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Cap Spartel
photo by: nathanphil