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After Moraia and re-entering Tanger once more, I still have some fight in me and the day is still young.  So I head north, but this time along a paved road with the plains and the airport to my left and the hills and forest to my right.  I pass random villas and a few suburb developments, as well as country ladies selling yoghurt by the side of the road to folks heading to the beach for the weekend. 


A sign says “Grotte D’Hercule” (the “Cave of Hercules”) up ahead, so I quicken my pace.  That sounds like something worth discovering. Before too long I finally reach the Atlantic shore, with little restaurants and cafes perched over a very jagged shore with all sorts of cliffs and boulders to clamber around on.  I see an honest looking Moroccan fellow and ask him to take a clip of me--  turns out he lives in Inglewood, California--  exactly where I’m headed tomorrow!  An interesting guy who seems both American and Moroccan at the same time…


After grabbing a sandwich at one of the restaurants, I notice people coming up from a path that seems to come out of the cliff… of course!  The cave!  And I was just going to go on and miss it entirely! 


It’s a bit of a tourist trap, with postcard vendors and a guy with Berber costumes you can dress up in for a photo op.

   But when you come across a tourist trap completely by accident, it’s still a cool adventure--  especially after my somewhat frustrating hike this morning.  And you get a nice view of waves crashing into the cave through an opening to the sea…


Mostly Moroccan tourists--  but I did see a group of sub-Saharan African tourist coming to check out the cave… Overall, nice little spot, though nothing really spectacular. 

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Grotte d'Hercule
photo by: nathanphil