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I trudge on through the forest, as my path sort of peters out, and I find myself trailblazing through the forest in the dark.  Finally I reach a chain link fence that forces my forest hike to come to an end, so I make my way back to the main road. 


I have a choice to make:  either continue on west to the next bridge (which is an autobahn, so no guarantee of pedestrian access), or retrace my steps back to Frankfurt to the last bridge.  If I keep going, and am not able to walk across the bridge, I might not be able to make it back to the airport on time… but I figure, what the hell… I’ll give it a shot…

Soon my luck takes a turn for the better, and I find another bicycle trail that cuts through the open fields that, thanks to the blanket of snow, reflect enough light to allow me to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

And then… after walking in the cold, still of the night, I suddenly see the cheery glow of the next town: Eddersheim.

  I can hardly believe my luck:  I’ve managed to visit FOUR towns during a flight layover!


And a pleasant little town it is--  nothing super special, but a great way to finish off magical day.  There’s a park along the river… of course, a cozy little Main Street… a village plaza with a big, lit up Christmas tree to serve as a backdrop for my clip… and narrow cobblestone alleys lined with my fairy tale half timber buildings… It’s a short, but very satisfying visit…


Now, let’s see if I can figure out how to get back to the airport on time.


The autobahn bridge does have a pedestrian walkway, so I get lucky there--  but then on the otherside, there’s a stairway that leads to--  the inside of some sort of fenced in complex!  Far away I can see a factory and a warehouse… or is it a military complex? A prison?   I don’t know, but it’s clear that I have to keep going--  there’s no turning back now… so I hike along the fence looking for some hole to crawl out through, wondering what the security guards are going to think of a foreigner trudging through their comlex with a guitar slung over his shoulder.



I’m getting closer the where the buildings are and finally decide to try to climb over the chainlink fence rather than risk getting in trouble… I luckily haven’t lost my climbing skills, make it over and breath a sigh of relief…


Now I’m next to the freeway, and I wonder if I might get in trouble for walking along the autobahn… I have this idea that Germans are pretty inflexible and not very forgiving for folks who don’t follow the rules, so I trudge through the snow, away from the autobahn just to play it safe…


I can imagine the stern perplexion on the Polizei’s face as I explain “Oh, I’m headed to the airport… I had a layover here and decided to hike around the countryside for a few hours”!


Finally I spot a path off to the side and I breath a sigh of relief.  This path takes me back into a thick forest, and after a bit of uncertainty, back to Kelsterbach and the Frankfurt airport, where I can finally breathe easily and soak in the day’s adventures.


It’s been an unforgettable 12 hour layover in Germany.


The End of Tour 017: Germany-South 1


My Germany-South tour has been one of the strangest to date, chopped up into 5 separate “stopover” trips spread over a 5 month period.  Finally I’ve managed to scrape together 9 towns and I’ve decided to call it a “Tour”.


The first three “stopovers” were visits to Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt last summer while I was criss-crossing Europe.  The second two were long layovers on my way from Morocco the the USA.  These layovers gave me time to explore 4 more towns and experience Germany with snow--  a fantastic experience, despite the obvious difficulty of playing a guitar in freezing temperatures!


Medeival German style, with its castles and half timber houses has fascinated me since childhood--  maybe I’ve always associated it with fairy tales or something, so this has made my Germany trip particularly rewarding… and to visit a fairy tale world in the snow--  now that’s just way cool…


I’ve got to figure out a way to explore this area some more… despite the prohibitive transportation costs…

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photo by: nathanphil