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Now it’s time to go to Mexico.  It’s going to be an epic journey just to get there:  Flight from Casablanca to Frankfurt, Germany… long layover… to Los Angeles… long layover… flight to Tucson, AZ…catch a bus to the border… and finally an overnight bus to Navojoa.


But I’m actually excited about all the stops--  this way I’ll be able to revisit Los Angeles and Tucson along the way--  two cities that also played a significant role in my life.

I already explored Frankfurt last summer--  but I still decide to try to escape from the airport to at least explore the nearest neighbourhood.   This proves to be a bit of a challenge… The other side of the train station doesn’t seem to have any exit… I head west and end up in a labyrinth of parking garages with seemingly no way out…


I’m sure there are airport employees who come here on bicycle--  so I’m determined to find out how they do it.

  Finally I find the way and follow a long airport road, and then another road across the freeway to the town of Kelsterbach.


There’s a chill in the air and snow on the ground… I feel a sudden nostalgia for real winter weather.

Across the freeway I officially enter Kelsterbach.  It’s a warehouse/industrial district--  and I realize I don’t have enough time to make it to the town center and explore the town properly.  But I still feel I deserve credit for my effort to escape from the airport on foot, so I’m going to let Kelsterbach count as a town.

I follow a snowy path into the forest and find a spot to take my clip…


On my way back from Mexico I’ll come back and explore this town properly…


2 Weeks Later…

This time I’ve got more time, so I make a beeline out of the airport and head for Kelsterbach once again.

  There’s still a lot of snow and I’m excited about this opportunity to experience Germany in the wintertime.


I soon pass the industrial district and into the heart of the town. 


At first the town is only sort of interesting, with modern homes and a couple of large, modern churches.  One thing that catches my attention is a Turkish cultural/Islamic center.  I like the fact that the building blends in nicely with the neighbourhood, rather than being brazenly Middle Eastern… After the firestorm a couple of months ago about Switzerland wanting to ban minarets, I can appreciate more the efforts of Muslims just trying to blend in with the neighbors… and I think they do that well here in Kelsterbach, at least architecturally…


Then I reach the river and a more historical neighbourhood.

  Walking along the river past half timber houses,  an old community building with a rounded octagonal turret, the combination of very dark colors with light creamy colors… I suddenly realize that Germany is meant to be experienced in the winter…


I was really lucky to get this layover, and the chance to experience Germany’s winter--  for free!

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photo by: nathanphil