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The single most powerful moment related to family connection was when I left America to meet my French family and getting off the airplane in Paris seeing a large group of people who resembled my mother there to meet me. It was "Heavy Duty" have not experience that much affection since before my mother's passing 7 years earlier and it was the beginning of true Self-Discovery!

I worked in France with my Uncle in the Moving business. We would go into peoples home and pack their things, packing the truck, driving it many times to other regions of the country, and unloading/unpacking the truck. During the process I got to know many things about the culture and how people in France lived...all kinds of people from one extreme to the other. What I found that most people had in common is to share a beverage and conversations after the job. My Uncle was good at what he did and I got to hang out with my moms younger brother.

Seeing France from the passenger seat of a truck on the open road was a great experience. Met many people on the route. Of course the greatest pleasure was getting to know my Uncle. Sometimes he even let me drive the truck, this really helped my self-esteem and confidence that he trusted me enough to handle the rig. Another cool thing about this part of my journey is that we stopped at all kinds of restaurants along the way.

Although I looked forward and enjoyed those jobs which included being on the open road, I equally enjoyed working in the city. One thing I can say is that I believe I value these times more so now than during those moments. So cherish your times and I like to leave you with a quote by Ram Dass that may heighten your travel experiences:
"Be Here Now"
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I was born in France in the Normandy region. My French mother married an African American who was in the military. As a toddler I was brought to California, USA and living in Los Angeles for many years. My mother died when I was 13 years old and we lost contact with French family.

After reconnecting with them when I was 18 years I decided to go to France (made it 2 years later) so I bought a one way ticket and off I went into the unknown. I lived in Paris working, playing, loving, laughing, sitting at sidewalk cafes, riding the metro at peak times, eating homemade French foods, and so on for over 6 months then came back to USA.

Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life I joined the Navy to see the world. After getting out of the military in San Diego, CA then wandering around some, coming back to "Diego" I decided to go back to Europe this time it was for 3 months with passport and rail passes in hand and off I went. I would work some with my Uncle then travel some, nice arrangement. I continued to do this in the following years to come. In the early years lots of roughing it with my backpack and now look for a little more comfort with my suitcase on rollers at a budget.

My travels to Europe has been extremely rewarding and has given me greater insights in beginning to understand that everything is connected. During October - December 2009 I went to Thailand and another world had opened up for me.
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