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Eline, Malou and Jolien

On April the 29th we had a wonderful day. Lot of sun (this time we brought the sunscreen with us and we covered our faces as much as we could, so we got as less sunshine on our face as possible) and good snow conditions. I made some nice pictures and Erwin filmed our skiing and falling skills.

In the evening after dinner Malou said she brought a game with her to play. Originally it was a game for kids till 4 years, but she ensured that students would like it too if you add some drank to the game. The game was called ‘Stef Stuntpiloot’ (Stef Stunt pilot) and the goal of the game was to wipe out the chickens on the fence of your opponent and to keep your chickens on your fence. The winner made 3 shots of rum/whisky/liqueur/ouzo of whatever and the other 3 persons had to drink it. So if you loose constantly you were doomed to end up with a big headache the next morning.

Stef Stuntpilot in action
The winner was released of his or her spot and another player could join the game. We played the game with Susan, Malou, Eline, Richard, Rick, Erwin, Jolien, Marijn, Bart and me.


After a few hours we stopped with the game because none of us were able the keep the chickens on their fences ;). But we really liked the game and we decided to play it again the next day.

But this time we (Astrid, Erwin en me) played it a bit different than normally. Instead of using our hands we played with our noses and chin. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and decided to film this alternative Stef Stuntpiloot. I will never forget… haha!

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Eline, Malou and Jolien
Eline, Malou and Jolien
Stef Stuntpilot in action
Stef Stuntpilot in action
Me playing Stef Stuntpilot with Su…
Me playing Stef Stuntpilot with S…
The alternative version of Stef S…
Val Thorens
photo by: ms_travelr