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On 10th and 11th we stayed in Samaipata, which we though was the hub for the entrance to Bolivia´s national park Amboro, but apparently it´s not the main one, Buena Vista is, so we got stuck in a town for two nights, with no money and the best part was that there is no atm in the town. We had enough for our accomodation, two meals, and then two solid days of eating just apples, buns, water and suckers. What a luxorious life a backpacker leads.

The two days wasn´t that much of a pain though, just a lot of reading, playing cards and eating, yes too much eating. Last night we were to catch the 7pm bus from Samaipata to Sucre, well 10pm comes around and the bus just arrives. Which would be ok if we were in any country but Bolivia, contrary to what you think, it´s been damn cold these past three weeks. Sure there have been some hot days, especially since you´re 4000m closer to the sun than usual, but at night, when that sun sad bye bye, you want snow pants and a winter jacket like nobody´s business.

So we got on the bus, and to our beautiful surprise, the windows let in a lot of cold air, so after having spent 3 hours outside in the freezing cold, we got on the bus, with relief that we finally had someplace warm, but no dice. Then like 6 hours later, it made out first bathroom stop, in the middle of no where, at 4am in the morning. About 40 Bolivians have seen me wizz.

By the end of the bus trip, everyone, smelt like shit, and I mean actual shit, the driver didn´t stop for one bathroom break after 4am, and there were four year olds, and it was just one big mess. Never want to take a local bus again, will do my best to make it happen.

So now we´re in Sucre, Bolivia, hanging out. Probably going to do another mountain biking tour tomorrow, we´ll see how it goes. If not, then we´re off to Potosi.
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