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Now this is a place in Bolivia I could get used to. It´s got a very pleasent feel to it, very chill, just relaxed, don´t feel like I´m a huge white hassle to society here. People just put up with you, which is nice and you feel like you´re always such a bother the people.

I arrived in Santa Cruz yesterady at around 8, after the most excruciating night bus from Cochabamba, which lasted 11 hours, with no functioning toilet on the bus, and the driver thought that I was unworthy enough for a bathroom stop. By the end of the trip I was hoping to pee in a cup and throw it on his face, no joke. I rushed to the bathroom only to encountered a very vile lady who wouldn´t let me go without getting my money first, but I basically told her to shove it and ran on in to realive myself. Tried to make up for it with utter kindness after the pain of not peeing for 12 hours had subsided. Don´t think it worked though. Oh well, you win some you loose some.

We went straight to the hostel, after asking about 10 taxi drivers if they knew where it was, and the didn´t. Then one nice man, who I thought had drove off, rushed acorss the street to save James and I from being utterly confused as where we were supposed to start walking to.

After getting settled into the hostel, we went on a walking tour of Santa Cruz. What I don´t like about these Roman Catholic countries is that nothing and I mean NOTHING, is open on a Sunday. We walked at around 1030, and past over 40 shops, yet, only 4 were open.

Once we got to the main sqaure there were a few cafes which were open for mainly tourists, and thank god, I was starving at this point.

After that, we went to the market, bought some freash veggies, and headed back to the hostel in a cab.

I wish everything there is to do in Bolivia didn´t cost loads of money and companies didn´t try to exploit our lac kof knowledge.
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Santa Cruz
photo by: wilfredoc2009