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Potosi is the highest city in the world and is a UNESCO world hertiage site, but what place isn't these days? We did a mine tour and it was crazy. Afterwards I wanted to know why the heck I wanted to do it. It started off with pick up at our hostal at like 9, then off to get our mining clothing on and lighted hats, which was super great. Then we went to the miners market where everyone was forced to buy gifts, I do have to say, Bolivians are greedy, I might have already mentioned that like 40 times though. Then we went to the mine, it was dusty, and you almost always had to duck, and that was me, everyone else of normal height was having a time and a half trying to be comfortable in the mine. We went down to the 4th floor, which was a brutal climb slash crawl down and hot as hell. It went from being about 8 degrees outside the mine, to 40 in. Not a pleasent temperature thats for sure. The worst part about it all was that you can't breathe, no matter how much you want to, it's just impossible. On our way out of the mine, we turned a final corner and that rush of cool air we got made everyone clap. Then we blew up 6 sticks of dynamite for fun. That night we took a nightbus to Uyuni and arrived at 130am.
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Two nights ago I went from dizzy to starving to massive fever to god knows what, then it woud stop for like 15 minutes, and then it happened again. There was really no stopping it, then during the night I awoke with my stomach stretched to its limits, thought it was going to explode, and it didn´t stop until this morning. With the massive amount of pain I was in and the frequent trips to the bathroom I thought I was a goner, but after 16 hours of sleep last night, I feel mucho mucho better. The worst part of the whole thing was that I had to get a 3 hour bus ride from Sucre to Potosi, in a bus that was crammed packed and we ended up in the very back road squished between the window and a family of 4.

Today is Sunday, and because everything seems to always be closed on Sunday, I´m not sure what we´ll be doing today other than just chilling. Tomorrow we´re headed to the Potosi mines, then off to Uyuni for a night before we start the tour of the Salt Flats. I recommend googling picture of it, it´s crazy and nothing like you´ve ever seen before.


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