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What a horrible, horrible time. We took a day bus from Guayaquil to Esmereldas in hopes to find a lovely beach only 20 minutes away in Atacames, when we got there, we realized we were the only tourists in the town and probably the one tourists that were white coming to that town in a while, everyone started at us like we had three heads and we arrived at 11 at night. We checked into a room as quickly as possible and went straight to bed. When we got up we realized that woopsies, the only atm in town only caters to one bank, and it wasn´t going to be one of ours. So we used the rest of the money we had, about 4 US dollars to get back to Esmereldas by bus and get a ticket the heck out of there. When we got there, we had to pay a taxi driver 7 dollars, a huge amount of money in Ecuador, to drive us around to 6 different banks before we found one that worked. When we got on the bus to Quito and pulled out of the station, we were, needless to stay, estatic.

Quito was a great time, our experince in Ecuador wasn´t all that great, but Quito made it a lot better for us. We stayed in the new bask hostal and the owners were super and everyone there was really very friendly. We took salsa lessons down the street and althoguh we don´t speak any spanish and they didn´t speak any english, we had a great time, they made fun of our white dancing skills and gave us a free braclet at the end because they liked us all the much.

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