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Everything is possible with Baba

Met Baba at his office, my friend's here too. They're gonna go to the market to shopping food to make Darbat. I was looking for pharmacy so we went to the market. No pharmacy, and in groceries have no medicine. There has the clinic but today was close!

Baba just moved to Nagarkot several years but as he's Baba and friendly so he knows everyone. He stopped at every houses to hello people. Friend and I became more interesting for Napaleses. (Baba's followers haha)

Baba doesn't go to the market often, this was for the party so he shopped by himself. Punda came, from nowhere. Then Baba and i went to shop but my friend and Punda was hanging aroun there. Baba asked me 'do you eat meat?' I asked 'what meat?' (afraid that he means buff.

Baba's office which will rebuild to be net cafe next year.
) He said 'Chicken', ok!! Chicken. (Later i knew that no one in Nirvana eat Meat, but he bought chicken because i ate) :D

I met Dipa again, today she's more cute than that day. I told myself that i will do something for her before i left Nagarkot. Bye bye mother, she said. She called me "mother" since the first day after i said "You are just 11? I am 31, wow, you could be my daughter!!" :D I never ask her where or who is her real mama, I only met her brother and sister in law. I let she called me that because actually i am glad to be her mom if i was ready to be one :D She asked me one thing which made me laugh "My sister in law is 18 years old and she already has one baby but you are 31, why don't even get married?" Hahahaha, I don't know .

To the market
..  "ask him" ....  :D

I walked back home (Nirvana) with Baba. He stopped at his office to close it. Actually he doesn't has to close it because it has only his photos of taking people to Everest. Baba has never stayed at the office more than one hour a day but he always opened it. I asked him "why did you open it if you're not stay here?" He said "In case someone wants to see me" Me "Will they see you if you're not here?" He laughed. I think this office is not for business, it's more like a hobby.  Baba's slogan is "Everything is possible" I asked him "Really? Everything's possible?" He said with a low tone, "With baba, everything is possible but ....  love"  Awwww....

I asked my friend later that can baba has girlfriend? Because "Baba" in Nepal is like a monk.

Nagarkot apartment. (Their home not for rent)
 He said "Yes, this Baba can because he's a crazy Baba, he doesn't look like Baba at Pasupatinat at all" Haha I agree. He asked me why, i told him that Baba talked to me about love, told me about his ex girlfriend which he had a long time ago. And now, Baba's waiting for the right person! 

I still wonder could he get married? Baba has talked to me about love but i dare not ask him. It's personal.

A Darbat party which at first i thought it was for the kids. I asked him do you have a party every Sunday? He said No. I asked "why today?" He said "It's a party for you" ... Oh, my honored. Thanks brother. "And for Djimbe guy too You both will go tomorrow, right?" ... Yes, that's sad.

After reached home  "Just sit inside that help me a lot.

Very nice
" that was he said when i asked to help. My friend came back and changed Baba equipment which can give him a happiness from Coca cola Bottle to Bamboo. He got this trick from Thailand hahaha.

Baba please enjoy this new stuff instead of that coca cola!!! We're happy that he loves it! :D

Besides us, there had the other 5 japanese friends, one of them came from another town. He brought a Nepal dessert which was like a mashmellow but made from Buffalo milk!!!! It's preserved in sirup. Everyone had to tried. I gave my friend a half, it was very sweet!!!!!!! But when i bit it, in my head had only a picture of Buffalo breast! Ahhhhh.

One hour later Japanses friends went back to bed. Only my friend, i , Rio and baba were still there.

On the way
Rio suggested us to have shiva apple :D While my friend was making an apple hole, Baba served Darbat. It's was the delicious Darbat in the world, i bet.

I wish i could show you a Baba's room but it's too personal. It's a small tidy room with many painting by himself and lots of souvenirs from his friends. I have nothing for him so he took my Thai cigarrete box and kept it as a souvenior from Thai friend, funny. Rio excused herself to go to bed, she'll leave here early morning. Only me, Baba and my friend left. With the dim light from candle and cold weather but inside our hearts were so warm with good feeling that three of us have given to each other.

Baba handed me an apple, i started taking it. My friend was so happy to see me take care of it haha.

Tibet net cafe which once it made Baba thought that i'd go to Tibet, the country!
Not less than 10 times. I laughed all night, my illness was gone, became a happiness instead. Baba turned on the music, started with the pop music as Backstreet boys, britney hit me baby one more time or dhoom dhoom by Tata young (Thai singer!!! Haha). Oh, shame, Baba, i can't believe that you listen to this kind of music!!! Baba said Sorry but it's in MP3 which he can't forward. TIme passed, we got Trance at last. Yeah, this  what we wanted. Baba started dancing with his head, my friend did it too. And i followed them. Was so fun.

Then he whispered, "Today is for both of you" .


newtampo says:
Wish you were there. It was really fun and happy moment!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2007
siamesekiwi says:
Your party sounds fun! Very very naughty one're so friendly,made lots of interesting friends there.
Posted on: Jun 12, 2007
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Everything is possible with Baba
Everything is possible with Baba
Babas office which will rebuild t…
Baba's office which will rebuild …
To the market
To the market
Nagarkot apartment. (Their home no…
Nagarkot apartment. (Their home n…
Very nice
Very nice
On the way
On the way
Tibet net cafe which once it made …
Tibet net cafe which once it made…
photo by: RJawad