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After sleeping in this morning, Kelly and I headed toward the closest university area for lunch. While walking down a main pedestrian thoroughfare, we stopped to look at a restaurant sign with food that looked decent but we weren’t sure what restaurant the signage was for… then we heard the magic words, “English menu” hollered from an older man who saw us looking. Sold! We went in and sat down but they didn’t have a printed English menu so we got up and took the man outside and pointed to what we wanted on the sign. It worked out well. Kelly and I had bim-bim-bap, fresh vegetables, sushi and rice mixed with a red sauce. The waitress delivered it to our table and we started mixing everything together but I guess we weren’t mixing it correctly so she started mixing it for us.
We also order the Korean pancake, which is more like an open-face omelet.

After lunch we hoped on the metro in the direction of Costco. We got off the stop before to look around and when we looked at the map of the surrounding area we got really excited, a brewery nearby! We went to the top in search of Oriental Brewery. After searching for about an hour, in the heat, we gave up the search and hoped on the subway to find Costco. A stop later we discovered that Costco was not as close to the metro stop as the website’s map would lead you to believe so we took a 10-minute cab ride there. Costco was not as exciting as I anticipated. Everything was still really expensive. Kelly and I ended up with 6 bell peppers and 48 individually packaged string cheese snacks for 20,950 won (about $18).
Feeling like a little kid as the waitress stirs my food because I wasn't doing it right
On the metro back to the hotel, a guy was falling asleep on my shoulder; I was amazed our giggling didn’t wake him up.

After Googleing Oriental Brewery back at the hotel, I discovered that they are actually owned by Anheuser-Busch and brew the lowbrow beers OB Blue and Cass, similar to Bud Light or PBR at home.

After a quick rest, we headed out to the movie theatre at Chungmuro because Kelly suckered me into catching the Twilight movie with her. The show didn’t start for an hour so we walked around a bit before escaping the heat at the Beer Garden (lots of beer, all bottles, no draft, but still a great selection). Then it was on to see Eclipse. I don’t get all the hype. It was okay but I don’t get people who are going to see it repeatedly. Although I did find it funny that the first time Taylor Lautner (Jacob) was show on screen, shirtless, the entire audience giggled. Hehe.
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Feeling like a little kid as the w…
Feeling like a little kid as the …
Neat walkway/water display near th…
Neat walkway/water display near t…
We made it to Costco!
We made it to Costco!
Just a minute ago, the guy in the …
Just a minute ago, the guy in the…
Korean Eclipse Poster
Korean Eclipse Poster
photo by: chiyeh