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Today we were off to a late start. After lunch at the canteen (sandwich of chicken, cole slaw and sweet pickles),, we headed out to see the palaces in the north part of downtown. We started of at Jongmyoj Royal Shrine, which served as the venue for the royal ancestral rites during the Joseon period.

After that we headed to Changeokgung Palace. Changdeok Palace is called one of the “Palace of Illustrious Virtue.” Changeokgung was originally built in 1405 as a secondary palace, but when Gyeongbokgung (Seoul’s main palace) was destroyed during the Japanese invasion in the 1590s, Changdeokgnd became the primary palace until 1896.

Then we went to Namsangol Hanok Village. During the weekends there are performances so we saw a couple dances before walking around the village.
Five different yangban stone, wood and tile houses have been moved here from different parts of Seoul.

Hunger set in and we went to Tom & Tom’s coffee shop for a pretzel stuffed with cheese and jalapenos. Realizing that we were running short on time, we hopped on the metro one stop did a quick wardrobe change and caught the shuttle to Myeongdong to meet up with Eunjin at the Ibis Hotel. After touring the Lotte Department store we walked around Myeongdong and the rain that everyone told us about all day finally came. Everyone was worried about a drizzle. We got to Ashley’s Grill & Salad on the 5th floor to meet Lily and Kathy. After an hour wait, we gorged ourselves on pizza, pasta, risotto, mushroom soup, chicken wings, fresh fruit, green tea ice cream, cheesecake… We also had sweet potato birthday cake that Eunjin bought at Bonespe Bakery in the Lotte Department store.

Then it was on to karaoke! Totally different from what I’m used to. You pay by the hour and get your own room for you and your friends. They had a lot of songs that Kelly and I knew, including Britney Spears, Beyonce, and even Hanson.

The girls had to head home after our sing-a-long so Kelly and I took the metro to our stop and grabbed a beer at Blue Zone near our hotel and watched a show on the TV similar to Blind Date at home. It was pretty bad. Then it was back to the hotel to catch some Zzzzz.
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Statue of Lee Sang-Jae, forerunner…
Statue of Lee Sang-Jae, forerunne…
Wheres Waldo... I mean Kelly
Where's Waldo... I mean Kelly
Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday to us!
Toxic, thank you Britney!
Toxic, thank you Britney!
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