Work: Day 2… still sucks, but hoping tomorrow will be better

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Go Korea!... cheering from our room.
This morning Eric and I started at 9am again doing the same thing, moving freakin’ luggage. I could have done this job in Houston or New Orleans and gotten paid for it. Someone please find me a chiropractor in Blue Cross’ network for when I get back. Today, according to my training schedule, I should learn the service standards (didn’t we learn that at orientation?), hotel outlets and operations (once again, orientation?) and tour the hotel (ORIENTATION!). I was also told today that I don’t smile well. Hopefully that was supposed to come out nicer.

Once again I had the sandwich option for lunch. I’ve never heard of a fried egg sandwich but it was better than the alternative. Thank goodness I bought a sack of oranges from a street vendor for breakfast every morning.
Kelly's showing off her stocking feet purchase.
After that I went to my room for the rest of my break to check email and try to take a nap. Then it was back down to the lobby for more baggage shuffling. During my shift the head of the department talked to me about changing my roll so that I’m not moving luggage but helping guests with directions and attractions, similar to the American idea of a concierge. I hope that is true. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

After dinner, Kelly and I got dressed in our new Team Korea t-shirts then decided that we were way too tired to party tonight. We had planned on going to Seoul Square because we heard that was the place to go. The game is projected onto a nearby building which is supposedly the largest screen showing the FIFA World Cup soccer game in the world. I don’t know if I believe that but I’ll go with it. Instead of going out we headed across the street to the Family Mart for wine and stocking socks. Both of us have blisters all over our feet. I plan on heading to sleep soon.

Random information I learned from O.Jay: In Korea, if a man is engaged, he wears a ring on the ring finger of his left hand and the woman does too but her ring is not ornate like in the West. When they get married, they both upgrade their rings to nicer ones but unlike in the West, the woman wears only one ring, not an engagement ring and wedding band.

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Go Korea!... cheering from our roo…
Go Korea!... cheering from our ro…
Kellys showing off her stocking f…
Kelly's showing off her stocking …
photo by: chiyeh